Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 recap

so far ive done a new years recap but i havnt done a 2010 recap so this blog will be dedicated to 2010 and the upcoming year.

so to start 2010 off i was grinding back at 100nl like 2 tables. my work season ended novmeber 1st and i deposited another 2000$ into my account and went back to the 100nl tables. i really wasnt super into poker back at the start of the year as i am now but i was still at the tables everyday. and just like the year before i was beat at the 100nl tables and moved down once i got to 1000$ i started playing at 50nl. i actually thaught i had a decent bankroll managment going on i figured 10 buyins was enough and id move up or deown when needed. although i did follow it strictly which was a good thing the number of buyins i gave myself for each stake was horrible it wasnt until later in the year that i realized how big the swings can be. i think i was able to move up from 50nl back to 100nl once and then got beat back down and then beat at 50nl i think i stayed at 25nl for a bit before getting beat there and then i decided that since things were going to hell to try and mix it up. i read that 6 max was a better way to make money so i started playing 6max 10nl. although i do think you can make more money at 6 max, the swings are a lot bigger and with me practicing a horrible bankroll stratagey it spelt failure. although i was able to play at the 10nl 6max tables for a while and i think at that point i started 4 tabling. i remember being like man this is fast, and now im 24 tabling haha. but eventually i took a downswing and wasnt able to recover so i moved down to 5nl. even now i dont feel like a really good player but i did feel like i was a decent player. decent enough to beat the micro stakes and with me getting beat there was like a slap in the face. but i still played at 5nl and did my thing. the summer was just about to arrive and i was going to go back to work like the first of may. just so happens i was dating a girl and we ended up splitting up like the middle of april alltogether we dated for about 2 and a half years she went out of state for a semester and we split up and she came back for the winter and we got back together and her parents are in the millitary and were being stationed in vegas in june so it was at the point to decide if it was going to get really serious or not. i wont lie i was super into her and when we split up it crushed me but we are on good terms and remain freinds and im happy to see where our lives are headed. so 2010 up to that point was going pretty shitty i guess. i think i was actually playing 10nl 6 max when i started working and then had to move down after like a month or somthin but i cant remember. anyways it was probablly july or august when i started to think about my fpp's i had like 95,000 and like a few more i would have been able to get a big plasma tv or somthin else i cant remember. what i was thinking before that was that if i deposited 2000$ every year and was able to collect that many fpps than id be able to take one of those trips to like pca or somthin like that it would have taken like 6 years but that was what i was thinking at the time, im glad i changed my mind. at this time i was playing 6 tables of 5 nl and i was down to like 100$ or somting when i decided to use my fpps for the sunday million satalites. i think it was 5400 fpp's and its one table of 10 players and the last 4 get a seat in the sunday million. i think i read that was the best way to spend your points besides the 3,000,000 for the porcshe and other crazy prizes. so i started playing the satalites and the first one i played i won and i was faced with a decision. play the tourney or sell the tourney dollars for real money. i had always wanted to play in the sunday million so i decided this one time ill play in it and any other satalites i win ill sell the tourney dollars. so i played the tourney and i was actually able to cash just after the bubble for like 300$ or somthin. there was a huge hand that i can still remember that was like 5 players from the bubble and the guy put me in a supper tough spot when the board was like 3 9 k k and he put me all in on the turn and i had 1010 to this day i think i had him beat and when i replay it in my mind he was totally taking advantage of the bubble and knew i was just trying to cash if i would have thrown the idea of cashing out the window and called and maybe won the hand i would have been in a really good spot to go deep in the tourney buuut thats in the past nowso after taht i played like 8 or 10 more satalites and i was able to win like half of them so my bankroll was back to like 1250 or somthing and i was hyped. i instantly jumped back to 50nl full ring and lost had to move down to 25nl in like a couple days and then i just fell off and lost it all except 100$ i dont know if it was because i felt i deserved to win or somthing but i was playing fast and tried winning fast and thatspelt failure as well. so i was back to where i was sitting at 100$.i still had like 60,000 fpp's so i went back to the satalites. this time around i figured out the satalite stratagey and i won like 7 out of the 10 i played and i got sucked out on one of them. and my bankroll was baqck to like 1150 or somwhere around there. at this time it was like september maybe and i really started to delve into my game and i think this was the turning point iinto how serious i got with poker. i ended up getting holdem manager. i never really cared to get it before cause i didnt really cared about players stats and i was able to go over my hands using poker trackers hand replayer. but i dont remember exactly why i wanted to get it but i am glad i did. it gives you so much information on your own play and you can improve your play so much, and thats one of the reasons my game is greatly improving, also i stumbled across frosy012's blog and found it really interesting. back when he had like 15 followers so i signed up and started following him and a few other bloggers. then i decided to start this blog in hopes of improving my play even more and also for like a journal i suppose. also i started going onto 2+2 a lot more and started posting a few hands i had troubles or questions with and i just started to make poker like my life not toatlly though. at this time it was getting close to the end of the season and i already knew i wanted to move out of alaska and i was thinking washington because thats where my job is stationed from and even if i didnt get on with them full time for the winter id still be there if somthing came up. but then another idea came into my when i was dating my ex girlfriend we were already talking about moving there for the winter so she could be close to her parents so the thaught was laready in my head. and with her parents being there it would make the move there a lot easier. even now i want to get on full time with the company ive been working for but i made up my mind and decided that this is a once in a lifetime thing and its an opportunity that i would have wished i should have done if i dont do it. so i was vegas bound. i wasnt going to go to vegas just to play poker i wanted to go for a lot of reason but poker being one of them. my job got done november 1st and i deposited 500$ into my account this time. my plan was to start 24 tabling 10nl so i wanted to give myself 100 buyins at every level up to 10nl and also i was giving myself a 4000$ live bankril for 1/2nl. so i think i stayed in alaska for a couple more days and then headed started to road trip to vegas i took a friend with me through canada for a couple reasons and he also had an aunt and uncle in washington so i could spend the night there befor heading out again. the drive through canada had some iffy spots in there but i was able to make it to washington without breaking down or wrecking so it was going good. we stayed at his aunts place which was actually just down the road from one of washingtons better casinos so i hit that up that night. they have a 2/5 game with a mx buyin of 300$ which isnt all that great i think but i was itching for some action so i played and lost 300 in like 2 hours but wasnt a big deall i got it in on a coin flip and didnt hit no biggie. the next day i was headed to colorado to my aunts my friend stayed behind and was gonna fly home after spending a week or so with his relatives. there was some iffy spots heading towards colorado as well but i got there in like a day. i stayed there for like 3 weeks so i could spend thanksgiving with them. while i was there my cousin offered to make a computer for me. hes super smart with computers and we ordered the parts and got got them like a week later and had me up and going. i decided to start my 24 tabling experience a little early. i wanted to 24 table 5 nl so i could get used to doing it and have minimal losses and then once i got to vegas id start 24 tabling 10nl, so i started on that. also they had some casinos like an hour away that i went to a couple times they spread i weird game if its 6 players or less it one 1$ blind and if theres more than 6 players than there a 1$ and a 2$ blind, but then the betting is capped at 10$ dollars so if someone bet i could only raise 10$ more and then they could only raise 10$ more if they wanted to but it was capped at 10$ haha. even though the setup is bad the game is super soft the first time i took it for 125$ and the next time i went i took it for 175$ so it evend out my losses at washington. also at the casino in colorado if you play for 6 hours theyll comp your food and give you a room for the night free of charge. so if i ever lived in colorado and was down and out for somereason i have no doubt i could live there and be a winner almost every day. but anyway after thanksgiving i was headed to vegas, ran into a little bit of weather but i was able to make it to vegas within a day got to my ex's parents house and was able to find an appartment within a dcouple days and moved in like 3 days after getting to vegas and after getting everything setup thats where im at now. even though this is a 2010 recap the past couple years ive been going by my work schedule and since i get done with work november 1st almost every year i like to say that my pokr year runs from november 1st to october but i guess it doesnt matter to much. but thats how my 2010 went. so far in 2011 things have been going really good i see my game improving and im doing what i can to learn and study my game and poker. one thing im glad i did in 2010 was go to the 6max tables. even though i think i prefer full ring 6 max really taught me how to play positional poker and other things that full ring doesnt really offer and i think it improved my game and i learned from it. one thing i didnt do in 2010 was set goals for myself but to start 2010 i wasnt super into poker as i am now. but for 2011 i would like to see try and maintain consistent results (variance depending) even if i just break even live or online i am striving for consistent results. which i think i am going to be a winner by the end of the year. also once i start working in the summer again i think i might move up to 25nl or atleast dabble in it on the weeknds or somthing i really think i can be a consistent winner there as well. right now i have a workout routine that im sticking to so thats going good, in the summer ill stop though cause i dont like to workout after working for 12 hours. my eating habits are all over the place but its no biggie im not really eating that bad. as far as a sleep schedule im usually waking up at noon everyday mainly so i can play later at night at the casinos when there might be some drunk players. but other than that i dont really have any other goals. seeing how this is like the first year im really looking at poker seriously i just want to be consistant mainly. then ill start to think about volume and how much i can win. on a side note. the next winter i am moving to washington to get on full time with my company wich is good but the bad thing is that pokerstars and full tilt are enforcing the state law banning online poker which is pretty bad for me. right when im starting to see results i get a downswing by the law. i guess there gonna try and fight the law this upcoming session but i dont know if theyll get it legal or not. since my information is still all alaska info i might be able to get a proxy server to hide my ip address and still play in washington but i dont know if it will work. the people at pokerstars are pretty smart. so after this summer i might end up playing only a few hours after work in cardrooms or somthing which isnt horrible atleast id still be playing but id rather grind out 24 tables of like 25nl than play live, just my preference. so thats how things are looking ill post somtime this week to report how things are going. untill then stay tuned peeps. also i know theres a lot of typos in this post so sorry for that

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