Thursday, January 6, 2011

hot pocket

so this week so far has been stupid. well for live poker it has anyway. and that being sayed ill start the post with poker. im home a little early than i usually am cause i was playing bad so i quit and decided to come home, reflect, recover, and rethink. so live play has just been going horrible for one im in a bit off a downswing and to top it off im playing horrible. i mean im still positive in money since ive been here im sitting at 4825$ for my live bankroll so im up 825$ but i mean im on a 2200 downswing so far. which after running hot for 3/4 of december this downswing is really putting a damper on my spirits. im really glad i was able to run hot in decmber though cause if not i might really be in a slump and maybe have lost my whole roll by now. but anyway since i havnt posted any hands in a while i guess ill post some now to show how bad ive been playing. both hands are from today live play. so the first hand goes like this everyone fold up to mp1 who limps mp2 limps and couple more folds and i have j10 of clubs on the button. so i make it 15$ sb folds bb calls mp1 calls and mp2 calls. flop come 2 7 j two clubs. bb checks mp1 leads out for 35 i call and bb folds. turn is another jack mp1 leads for 100$ i have like 115 left so i shove and the river is a blank and he shows 22 for a full house. some players might be like thats just unlucky but for me i could have goten away from that i mean i did have a flush draw and 3 jacks but the only thing i was beating was j9 or j8. i see a lead out on the flop by bad players as weak or super strong so maybe he had a 7 or somthing stupid like 66 or somthing but when he leads for a 100$ on the turn that shoulda bee a insta fold, ill express my thaugts more after this next hand. so my poker buddy i met hit me up and said hes goin to the mgm and i sayed id be there since the game is soft and i need to try and rebuld. so the hand i got into was with a kinda loose asian guy. there was a couple limpers in middle positions and i raised to 15$ with qq the asian calls to my left on the button and there was one other callers. the flop came j 9 2 i bet like 25 he raises to 60 i call the turn is a 9 i check he bets like 60 i call and i have like 75 left river is a blank and i check and he puts me all in and i call relatively fast and he shows j9 for the boat. now on the turn i didnt think he had a 9 because he really wouldnt have raised me with another person to act even though he was a little loose of a player. i really put him on aj. at the mgm the players are pretty bad and you can see tptk shoving in a big percentage of the time but none the less i should have folded the turn. i really hate calling a flop raise just to fold the turn but i should have. i think my thaught process is all out of wack maybe due to my downswing there are a couple other major hands that i should have found folds as well that i didnt thats contributing to my horid plays. one thing i really need to work on is my thinking. i think my thaught process is pretty decent and i can lay down big hands in tuff spots if only i give myself the chance to think when i need to. in all of those scenarios i almost snap called like i was trying to catch a bluff or somthing. i found myself doing that in online poker a while ago and have been working on it and its going decent but now i need to work on it in live play as well. its like i put them on a range i can beat and i call cause i dont want to go away from my read i think a lot of it has to due with my downsing but i really need to make a concious effort to rid my self of this problem or im going to be out of the action in no time.

as far as online poker goes right now it seems to be going pretty smoothly for the week right now im up 3 buy ins so 30$ but one big acievment im seeing so far is my showdown numbers ive been a bit more aggressive this month than last month to try and improve my non showdown numbers and so far im seeing a difference. right now im doing 20$ better than what i was doing last month. well 20$ difference. my nonshowdown winnings are better but my showdown winnings are just a little lower than last months but thats was to be expected but the diference so far compared to last month is 20$ which is good its showing good results just like i wanted but its only a 10,000 hand sample so its not that big. ill be able to tell the big deference at the end of the month when i compare and post the results but yeah live is going good.

to do a little comparison of the different poker scenes. even though i play for less money online im going to have to say i enjoy playing online way more than live. the big issue being time. i mean i can play 10,000 hands in 8 hours online where in live poker thats about 320-350 hands i mean i can make haundred of plays one after another online and live the same play might only come up 2 or 3 times the whole day and somtimes i miss the right play because my mind is wondering from the table. but i am learning a bit from live poker and that means a lot more to me than the money for right now. i mean im playing 1/2nl im not expecting to make a lot of money. i do want to win at the end of this season but i came here more for the experience and to learn rather than to make money. but i am accomplishing a lot of things im wanting to do here so even though im having a tuff time in live poker right now, things are going good.

also im feeling really comftorable with my game online i think my roll sits at like 1805$ online and since its a new year they restarted the stellar rewards so i should be able to clear at least 100$ in a few months if not a couple of months so im expecting my bankroll online to gradually grow. and im feelling pretty confident and i think i might take a shot at 25nl in the summer when i start working. i mean ive played at 25nl before and i think im a winner there so i dont think id have any crazy troubles with it but the main thing is that i wanted to be rolled for it before i tried so if i can get anywhere close to 2500$ im going to take shots at 25nl 2500$ gives me 100 buyins at 5nl, 10nl, and 40 buyins at 25nl but i dont think id really be a loser at 10nl so if things didnt go so well to start off at 25nl i wouldnt mind dipping a little into thebankroll for a few more buyins idk its still a little ways away to think about.

now for life. its been going prettys smoothly, after i post this im gonna go out for a drink with a buddy from highschool who moved here and reconnect with him. also tomorow they have a convention going on at the sands convention center in the venetian. its the adult entertainment convention or porn convention haha. i guess its like super huge and one of vegas's biggest conventions so im gonna hit that up tomorow i think its like 80 buck to get in but whatever should be interesting, ill take pics. and then this weeknd should be pretty poppin at the clubs especially with a couple conventions in town so im going to try and get into one of the newer clubs in vegas called xs i guess its a reall hots spot so im going there saturday night and ill try to get there early so i can hopefully get in so things are goin pretty good i got some more to talk about but ill post that this sunday since this one is long enough plus i might have some stories to tell after the club.... like me walking home alone hahaha

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