Sunday, January 16, 2011

mid month review

so far the month is full of surprises and every week seems to be packed with entertainment since ive been here. i suppose i recap life for the month. ummmm yeah not much pretty much same stuff same routines i think i went out clubbing the weeknd after new years to club xs in the encore which is supposed to be a big hot spot and its a pretty poppin club. theyve actually got like a back area outside the club thats got a seperate bar and like 5 blackjack tables and a craps table. all in all the club was pretty fun but its so much more of a dance club than somwhere to meet girls. not that it cant be done but the only action i got was a few dances with some randoms so not much to speak of there. im taking it easy this weeknd but i plan on going on next weeknd and i think im gonna try to actually set myself up right for success this time (most likely not). ive been a bit lazy this last couple weeks as well and keep getting up around 1 which isnt horrible or anything its just i like to be up at 12 for some reason idk im weird. went to the bellagio one day and checked out the fountain show which was pretty cool it was my first time seeing it so i was entertained i think this week i might check out the shark reef at mandalay bay so that should be cool too.

as far as poker there has been a lot of crazy things going on. ok first to start off. it was like sometime last week i had a short run good period of like 3 days or somthing my bankroll was at 4825 before the upswing and then after i thaught i only won 1000 but i guess i forgot i put 1000 away with my other bankroll money so i thaught i only won 1000 but i really won 2000. which makes more sense to me cause after the upswing i was like i thaught i won more than 1k i didnt know it was 2k i thaught it was like 1.5k or somthin but hey that little suprise was very i was going into the week with 6825$ for my bankroll the week was pretty mediocre, the venetian has been dead this week so ive been playing at the mgm and things really didnt go anywhere i was playing against a huge drooler and got stacked when i had top 2 pair and he flopped a flush but the way he was playing i was putting my money in no matter what and then i lost another buy in in the next few days as well. for the weeknd i decided to play in the 1/3nl game at the aria which i actaully like a lot. for one the action is pretty soft its like inbetween venetian and mgm so theres a bit of bad players but some decent ones thrown in there as well. i like how it plays as well cause at the low limits the players are thinking in dollars and not big blinds which is one big mistake for them. so if you raise in 1/2nl to 6$ which is 3bb everyones calling you while laughing at you cause you only made it 6$ puney dollars. so my standard raise at the aria is 10$ wich is 3.3bb and people respect it more cause its 10 whole dollars they dont care if its 3bb or not but they dont want to spend 10$ so thats another reason why i like it. and its super fancy there as well. for the rest of the month i think ill be playing at the mgm on the weekdays and then the aria on the weeknds, the venetian starts there deepstack tourneys like the very end of january which will bring in a lot of people so ill start playing there again once that starts up. also if i can get my roll up to 7k then ill start playing at the aria rather than the mgm. currently my bankroll for live stis at 6425$ so im up 2425$ since ive been here. which is a little over a month.

as for online goes. well not much has been going at all...

so to start the month i was running pretty good then down and back up tipical swings of poker untill i hit a rough spell. this past week i have taken a few days off from online poker and today as well. the last few sessions i did play i was playing horrible and pretty much just had lack of enthusiasm and my play has been greatly affected by it. i do believe i can get myself out of this hole before the end of the month though i might not end the month with a lot of winnings but i think i can end it in the black. im going to start back up tomorrow and i feel my mind is refreshed and ill be refocused so im ready for it again. also this past week i saw a leak in my game that came out even more this past week and thats trying to bluff catch way too much with top pair. when theres a big situation and a tough laydown i can usually lay the hands down. but when the hand plays fast and theres like 40bb in the pot i dont give myself enough time to think and i end up trying to bluff catch way to much so im trying to make a concious effort to fix that a bit. on a side note the world blogging championship of online poker, or somthing like that is going on and the end of the month. if you have a poker blog for the past 2 months and post a thingy on your blog like i did on my last post you get to play in the satalites to try and make it to the main events. i havnt got my confrimation notice yet but i plan on playing in those so hopefully somthing will come of it who knows.

i think that about tops the month as of now. im really trying to have decent results this month even though online poker isnt going so hot right now. i dont remember what i started the month at for online but i think the graphs numbers are off just a tounch but my online roll sits at 1735$, and my live roll is at 6425$ so things are moving a long i suppose. but thats all for now folks stay tuned till next time you heathens

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