Sunday, December 12, 2010

glance at the first week

even though i started playing poker last friday ill just record this as a week. ill start things off with life i suppose.things are going pretty sweet right now im loving my apartment and where i live i still dont have a couch or t.v. and i dont know if im going to get around to it. to be honest its really not a priority to me. ive been working out everyday before i go to the casino so im keeping that routine. its not a crazy workout its only like 20-30 minutes long. also im going to try achange up my hours a little bit i was waking up around 730 8ish everyday playing a little online poker working out then going to the casino for like 8-10 hours but im going to start going there later and play later into the mornings to take advantage of any drunk gamblers or other recreational players. it seems during the day there are more locals and all the other players arnt gambling as much. i havnt gone clubbing yet or even drank alcohol as a matter of a fact. i know whats wrong with me. i was thinking about going this weeknd but i wanted to play last night after midnight so i didnt go, but i think im going to go next week im not sure where but maybe tryst. as far as the lady scene there deffinitly an abundance of hot girls here but 95% of them are from out of town so i doubt theyll go on dates or somthin like that (getting together after the clubs is a different story). i do have my eye on a massage girl that works in the venetian and plan on talkin to her in the next couple days. most likely get reject and she'll use some sort of line like she doesnt go on dates with poker players or clients but we'll see how it goes. id say for vegas scale shes like a 7.5 with 10 being a model or somthing, but for alaska scale shes like a 9.3 or somwhere around there. so i guess im shooting high but who cares its not like when i get rejected it will be akward anytime we see each other. oh wait it probablly will lol. gotta make it interesting somehow right? anyway so yesterday the venetian was holding a charity tournament and a lot of big named pros were there tod brunson, antonio esfandiarri, jennifer tilly and the 2 baloons she calls breast were with her too. but yeah so it was cool seein them i wasnt over estatic to see pro players but some people were haha. i dont even think they anounced who won lol. i guess its time to move onto poker talk now.

so this week went decent i suppose. when i first started playing i lost 150, then i sucked out on a guy who over bet the pot on the turn and got up to 200 up. on a side note there are a few things i hate that people do. i hate when people lead out after i was the initial raiser, i hate when people bet so fast that theres no process like insta betting every street, and i hate when people over bet the pot like on the turn if i have a super draw. the last one doesnt bother me as much as the first 2 but its up there. i can understand if you have the nuts on the river anf theres no action going on and you shove theres logic and stratagey behind that play but on the turn when the pot is like 75bb and you lead out for raise for like 150bb its anoyying i mean maybe he put me exactly on what i had he had 2 pair on a board that could have had a straight or sets so his action seemed even more weird afterwards, he seemed to be a decent player its just i dont understand the play. anyway besides that boring explanation. after that for the middle of the week i dont think much happen i think i won and lost like 100 here or there, then i lost one day and was in the red for -15 haha i think i put it on my last post. and then friday happend i started the day out and there was a super aggro kid there pushin everyone arround, theres really only certain profitable spots to bluff in 1/2nl but my emotions got the better of me and i pulled a river bluff on the kid and he layed down his garbage most likely. so i was up like 125 for the day then i won a couple more hands and was up to like 250. and then i hit a couple more big hands later and i was up 700 i was like alright things are going good untill i got laughed in my face by the poker gods. there was a guy that was on a heater for a couple hours he when everyone would limp if he didnt limp as well hed make it 6 or somthin, he was doing that to create a bigger pot so he could win more and in certain situations its not a bad play in my opinion but he was doing it a lot. we tangled though i had QJ of clubs and there were a couple limpers including him and i raised in late positionone player called and he called the flop came k 10 9 with two clubs so i was like sweet nut bomb in my face. he lead out and i think i just flat called. the turn was a club wich sucked cause it would kill any action and he could have a flush as well. he lead out and i called again. somtimes i raise in that spot but i didnt there. the river was a blank and he bet, not very big i thaught a bit. there was another person in the hand as well and he only had like 50 left and i wanted him all in and the hands the other guy has been playing he could have easily had a smaller flush i decided to raise like 50 bb more. i really didnt want to miss value there if he did have a flush and if he had the ace flush he would reraise and id fold the one guy folded and the main guy called and sayed if you have the ace flush you got me. i was like shit and he turned over like K 3 of clubs i was like damnit. really poker gods you give me the nuts just to take it way on the turn like that you sir are a dick lol. so i got got coolered there and my stack fell to like 350 i was still up 150 for the day so it wasnt so horrible. me and him tangled again and i had 10 9 of hearts and the board came 10 high and he bet out all 3 streets and i think there was a possible flush there as well but i just felt like i had him and my gut sayed call so i made the hero call for a big pot and won and my stack was back to like 600. the guy started bleeding off his stack after and i dont know if he left a winner or not he was up to like 8-900 at one point. then i did a couple small bluffs that went wrong and got in a couple hands that didnt go right and my last hand i called with second pair and after all that i was down to my initial 200$ buyin i was like im going to quit im not going to leave a loser break even is bad enough after all that. so friday was a crazy swing fest for the day. i went back yesterday and within the first few hours lost 200$ i just had second best the hands i was in i did make a couple questionable calls but yeah. but i kept grinding and hit some cards maade some sets and got payed off a little and was able to come out 400$ up so i dont know if im going to play live today or not i kinda got some other plans but im sitting in the black as for now.

to make another review on 1/2nl live. like i stated in the last post it plays a lot like 5nl online preflop, and after the flop it plays like 10nl, but also it seems people can make better laydowns there making laydowns id see at 25nl. but all together it plays pretty close to 10nl wich sounds great but the biggeswt problem i have with it is its so slow to get to the right spots to make plays and everything like that. im patient and i wait and dont rush things its just annoying seeing a profitable spot or seeing a profitable person to play againts and in a couple hours they leave or the situation never comes up, and in online it comes up within the hour. but dollar p[er dollar im making more money live. even though i make more live i like online better so far most likely cause i know it more and your always in the action. oh i almost forgot to recap my online play. theres not really much to recap though. i havnt played much cause i didnt get a computer desk untill yesterday and anytime i played it was on the floor were i was all cramped up with my back bent and everything so i only put in an hour or 2 a day i got 3500, hands in and im down 20$ so 2 buy ins. i started playing all 24 tables a few days ago and got back into the rythm of things. i will most likely put in a few hours today of online play so maybe i can turn a profit, also im like 78% toward a 50$ stellar reward on pokerstars so if i put in a few hours everyday i should be able to get it before the new year and it resests. so that will erase some losses anyways. oh and i think im going to try and make a video within the next couple weeks it will be pretty low quality but i think ill just show my home setup and then maybe me going to the casino or somthin im not sure but yeah i do want to make a video. theres probablly other stuff i want to mention but cant remember as usuall but this post is long enough i think so untill next time. sheath your swords and beware of discoloration :)

add on: i forgot to mention that last night around 130 am a guy from norway and his girlfriend sat at our table. he looked super familiar and i was like are you from alaska he sayed no and i sayed you looke really familiar were you on t.v. and he sayed yes i was like wsop? and he sayed no and then i was like OOOOhh you were on high stakes poker. ill try and add a clip of him from high stakes poker but yeah i played agianst him for like 30 minutes before i left never got into a hand with him but it was pretty cool i guess

hey lookie there i actually did it right im getting the hang of this blogging thing. askillz2 super blogger at the rescue... anyway yeah thats the guy that sat down

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