Wednesday, December 15, 2010

december mid month review

wellly welll wellll so far for the month things have been going pretty good except for online poker but ill get to that. the past couple days playing live i havnt really got anywhere and lost like 100 and then yesterday i was able to get kk vs qq all in pre and win back what i lost so as of now my live roll sits at 4450$ so up 450$ i think i started playing live like on the 2nd or somthing so pretty much 2 weeks of play. im deffinitley not trying to make any income from live or onlinebut being able to see positive results is nice even if it is just over 2 buyins. sometimes when i think about live play and live players i dont understand how some people make a living at it or have been able to move up in stakes. i mean compared to the varriance of online players who play 100,000 hands plus a month and somtimes break even or up like 20 buyins and thats like a whole year of live play and then you throw in those train wreck months and anything else and its just crazy to me to see anyone climb the ladder in live games at any decent rate but obviously its possible. as for online, after my last post i played for about 3 hours i think and put in like 2500 hands or so and went on a pretty big heater well for 10nl anyway.

it was one of those sessions where you like just knew you were going to hit a set or make your flush and yeah i ran it up pretty good annnnd like usual it slowly went away haha. it seems like a re-ocurring trend so once i put in a decent amount of volume at 10nl, like 75k hands or somthin and im still break even or slight loser or winner ill really go over my game and try and nit pick some things. im deffinitly pleased with break even results though cause for the past couple years i have been a losing player learning the game even though i was play 25nl-100nl so thats a reason in its self. also i made a couple big laydowns i want to share. first one was when i was on that heater and the poker gods tryd to ruin my action early. i had like 200bb and the other guy had about 150-175bb i think i was first to act but cant remember cause of how it played out but maybe he was first so ill just play it like that he raised to like 3bb and i 3 bet to 10bb with kk and he 4 bet to like 65bb or somthin. at that time i just felt like i was beat it just felt like AA and i wrote in the chat i had kk and folded and he showed AA. i believe thats the first time ive ever goten away from kk pre vs AA but with us being both super deep he was trying to get it all in, hence the massive 4 bet so that helped me to get away from it. the second hand was a limped pot and i was in the big blind with like 10 7 of clubs and the flop came 3 clubs with 3 players i leead out one player folded and another raised. i re-raised and he either re-re raised or shoved i cant remember but i folded and he showed a higher flush. the reason i reraised was cause i felt he might be pushing th ACe of clubs or somthing like that and i didnt want him to draw cheap or take control of the pot and when he shoved i really felt like he had it so i folded with all the raising though i got out cheaply though only cost me 30bb. oh one more hand which isnt that huge of a lay down but ill state it anyway. guy in late postition raises i have qq in the sb and just flat guy in the bb raises then the lp reraises i fold and the bb shoves lp had AA i had qq and bb had KK so that spot wasnt really that difficult but just another laydown to be proud of i guess. speaking of laydowns, going back to live play it really seems to me that im able to make better laydowns playing live i think it has to do to being able to rethink the situation longer and a couple more thing but when i played live in colorado i layed down a flush to a higher flush and here ive layed down 3 of a kind to a full house so it just seems a little easier, plus your really able to see how the players play live so you can tell how they are going to play. i really do take pride in laying down big hands though cause thats one of the ways your going to make money is by not losing money that you other wise would have lost so to me its a big part of poker success, and seeing me being able to laydown a few big hands so far has kinda helped me see that im improving my game even though the situations were a little different from normal play.

now for life outside of poker. so far this month life has been going good. pretty much the same routine wake up eat play poker workout go to the casino come home get on the computer sleep and do it all again. sounds like a grind but im really loving it ( i do shower and eat in that schedule too). this saturday though im goin to try and hit a club up im thinking tryst inside the wynn. a couple guys i was playing with sayed they liked it so since its next to the venetioan ill play poker till like midnight then try and squeeze in there. also today im making reservations for new years eve at the palms. theyre going to have lmfao at club moon and then like a couple other fancy dj's at the other clubs there and then of course the playboy club and the ghost bar is there as well. but an all access pass is 375$ on and 400$ on so im gonna take the cheaper one of course. at first i was like holy shit 400$ i dont know but then i thaught about it and was like ok its new years eve in vegas im down here to have a good time and i know ill remeber this new years for ever. im going to get a room at the plams for the night as well mainly cause i plan on being severly intoxicated and theres no way id think about trying to drive or even staying up to sober up to drive so a 150$ room for the night is fine i havnt checked the prices its prolly closer to 200 seeing how its nye. also it will give me a chance to have some company ;). now if im not able to drag some tail back to my room in the same building, in the same building on new years, in the same building on new years in las vegas... then im seriously going to question my sexuality and might turn gay from then on out. now if i dont try to hit on any girls then or if for some reason i dont pace myself and get too drunk and cant do it then theres an excuse but im deffinitly going to try. now im no ladies man but i have been talking to girls a little since ive turned 21 so im comftorable enough to hit on them at clubs. so this is a no excuses spot. either i pull some tail or i turn gay the next day either or theres no inbetween lol.

anywhoozle so thats how my month is going so far up just a tad in live and breakeven online. so if you didnt want to read all that boring stuff you could have skipped to this line i suppose. sooo i guess imma get back to some grinding and ill post again sunday unless somthing horribly awesome happens so lattteerrrrrs

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