Sunday, December 19, 2010


this post is uber long so bare with me a lot has happend. ok so my last post was on like wednesday i think... i cant remember but anyways since then the rest of the week has been insane. usually i state how i did in poker and then i say things that happend in life but im just going to recap my days since my last post. ok so the day after my last post i got up played some online poker worked out did my usuall morning routine. then i remembered that the cosmopolitan was opening up that day and since i had yet to check out the aria i figured i do both at the same time. (the cosmo is the newer casino part of the city center next to aria.) so i never been to the aria and didnt know how to get to their parking garage so i ended up parking in a parking garage behind planet hollywood. walked to the aria cause the cosmo still had about 3 hours befor it was going to open so i figured id play some poker while i waited. i guess the aria only has 1/3 nl and higher so i was like well since its only like a one time thing ill just play in it this time. i dont know if its a normal thing or if it was just my table but the game was pretty juicy. a lot of players doing bad things. so far i havnt been sucked out on since ive been playing live untill then i had AA against QQ all in preflop for about 150$ each so about a 300 dollar pot and he caught a Q on the flop. i still had like 2 hours till the cosmo opend so i baught 100 more and was like if i lose my stack ill quit but i got some good spots and caught a set and got payed off in a couple spots and actually left the game 50$ up. also at the aria they had a big game going in the ivey room limits of 300/600$ with the likes of eli elezra ,jean robert beland , johnny chan, scott sceiver, and a couple other big names jeniffer harmon and marco stopped in too so it was cool seein some more big names. so after poker i went to the cosmo and it took like 20 minutes to get in and once i got in i could bairley walk there was so many people. its pretty fancy and elegant inside and i guess its the only casino in vegas with windows i didnt notice though. i didnt stay long and left like 15 minutes after getting there. took me like an hour to find how to get back to my truck which sucked and then i headed for the venetian. i while i was playing my table just kept getting worse and worse good players just kept showing up. two kids sat down that i could tell were internet players and i was able to make a good bluff against one. i bet 8$ with 22 one kid called and his friend 3bet to 30$ i believe. it looked like a basic squeeze play which i was pretty certain he was capable of doing with a lot of holdings so i 4 bet to 80$ the one kid folded and the other kid took some time and folded as well he also sayed that if i would have just shoved he woulda called so maybe he had AK there it was my first 4 bet bluff since playing live and at 1/2nl its a pretty rare thing to see a 4 bet bluff. the table behind me though actually had a drunk guy there creating a lot of action so as soon as a seat opend up i switched tables. i dont think i one a dollar off the drunk guy, dont even remember if we played any pots. i do remember one had though a guy 1 to my right was an actuve player and play A LOT of hands, he wasnt super aggressive but he was always in a pot. but on this hand there was a straddle and i had kk in the bb there were like 3 callers and then the guy raised to like 10 in the hijack. i 3 bet to 45 and everyone folded and he called. the flop came 5 6 9 rainbow. the pot was like 120 or somthing and i bet 55$ and the guy raised all in. when i started the hand i had 400$ and he had me covered so i was 200bb deep i took a bit of time thinking and i remeber him raising his draws in one hand and 3 4 suited was in his range i sayed that to him to and he sayed he wouldnt raise in this spot he did a bit of talking which seemd like he wanted me to fold i eventually did and i showed kings and asked him to show and he offered me to buy it from him for 10$ so i did and he showed 5 6 suited. one of the reasons i bet so small on the flop was cause it seemed like it was a dangerous board and could have hit him pretty well. i have mixed feelings if i played the hand right even though i made a good laydown i dont know if i should have checked the flop and called a bet and then saw the turn so i dont know which way was better but i did make a good laydown. i ended the day 130$ up. the next day started horrible. i got up and things were just going to shit. i bairley ate any breakfast. when i was working out i tweaked my neck somehow i like tilted my neck up and then there was pain. i think a pinched nerve is pretty serious so i dont think it was that but it hurt all day after that and even a little the next day. then when i was drinking some protien i spilt some on my shirt. and when i was eating some food i was dropping it all over the place. also i hadnt shave in like 5 days so when i shaved it hurt like hell i dont think i even played any online poker. it was friday by the way. so i was like if poker goes anything like how the start of my day is going then im in for a ride. well i got to the poker room at like 2 or so and sat down at a table and saw a guy had about 800$ in front of him. and after playing with him for a couple hours i realized he was going to give it back to the table eventually at his peak he had 1200 dollars infront of him and a pretty decent condo of chips built up. also a lady that said she was just learning how to play was at the table and then a guy and his wife sat down as well that were business owners and were playing on an ipad and had prada sunglasses on and the works. at one point there was just over 5k on the table at a 1/2nl game so it was getting pretty fat. the lady that was learning how to play lost of course i played a hand with her where there was like 5 limpers and i called with j10 off suit and she called i flopped a straight and bet the pot on the flop then bet like 3/4 the pot on the turn then like 1/2 on the river and she called she sayed she had AA for a set of aces i was like wow you are new to the game. i didnt say that of course but i took like 150$ off of her before she left. the couple that sat down wernt that good either the wife was a bit tight and the husband was a calling station and a draw chaser i played like 3 big hands against him. one was there was like 4 limpers and he raised to like 10$ on the buttton and i 3 bet to like 35$ with 89 suited. everyone folded and he called the flop came ace high and i bet out. he was doing a lot of talking and was like why would you reraise it with AK there you could have kk-jj i guess. and he called the flop anyway. i knew right when he sayed those things i was going to barrel again and barrel again i did and he folded. he hadnt been sitting at the table for a really long time so i didnt know he was a calling station then. the next 2 big hands i played with him i flopped sets and got paid off each hand. the one guy who had a mountain of chips ended up losing them like i thaught he would i prolly only got a 100 though. he lost 1200 and baught back in like 2 more times of 200$ each i was like damn. around 12 some of the big money started to leave and i was way up so i thaught it was a good time to leave to looking back on it i should have probabllystayed cause i was runnin hot it seemed. to recap the day i won 1175$ in 8 hours. wtf right well for me thats like ahuge accomplishment and the biggest score i have had from cashgames. after i left the aria i had like 5k for my bankroll and was like if im able to win anoth 1000 then i might start playing in the 1/3 game there. i wasnt expecting to win it the very next day. im a little hesitant to actually commit to playing there though for a couple reasons. i wanna watch the game a little more and see if it actually is a soft game all the time, and they dont comp you on food. at the venetian you get a dollar an hour for every hour your at the table that you can use towards in room dining or massages and a couple other things. at the aria you get 2$ an hour but i think you can only use it towards rooms and shows and stuff like that. i mean if the game is super profitable there im not going to not play in it cause i dont get free food its just nice not having to pay for food somtimes. now for saturday which was probablly th craziest of the days. i didnt work out cause my neck was still bothering me so i showerd at went to the casino. nothing really happend there and i was even at a table with another drunk guy and a couple bad players i ended up losing like 250 i think but it was allright just the way the cards went i guess. then i had a couple drink at the table to pregame a little before i hit the club up. after i had those i headed to tryst around 10. it was a short walk and i was in line at 1015 i think they opend up at 1030 but i didnt get in till 1045 so a 30 minute wait wasnt to bad. the club was pretty cool they got a big water fall that goes into a small pond that boarders the end of the dance floor which i think makes the whole club pretty much. anyway i had a couple more drinks and was chatting it up with some girls here and there but nothing was happening. i got one more drink and i saw a girl by herself looking at the water fall so i went over and started talking to her. she had an accent and told me she was polish, she was blonde and she said she was from arizona so i shouldnt have to say much more. i asked but i dont think she told me her age but she looked like she was 28-30, but she was smokin. we were hitting it off too and i knew the prospects on this one were very high if i could seal the deal right. i only had two minor problems. one i didnt have and "sword sheaths for my unit". wasnt a big deal though every casino had some at their convenient stores. the next minor problem i had was i was about to layer the floor with puke... seems i drank way too much too fast it had been about a month since i drank and i hit it pretty hard last night and suffered. there was a point where i was like im not gonna make it so i ditched her and headed for the entrance of the wynn. the very second i steped out the wynn i blew chunks in the garden next to the entrance. my truck was parked and the venetian so i headed back there puking my guts out along the way i turned down the wrong street or somthin but i remember looking and seeing the back of the wynn and encore i was like behind the palazzo or somwhere laying on some concrete steps ocassionally getting up to puke. i remember thinking ill be fine ill just sleep here lol. anyway i ended up walking and then i was headed towards some garage and a security gaurd asked if i needed some directions and he pointed me the right way to the venetian. he asked if i wanted to go through the palazzo to get there and i sayed no, now that i think about it im sure he knew i was drunk and basically was trying to get my money into the casino well those are my thaughts anyway. so i made it back to my truck and after puking a couple more times once on my shirt, i took off my shirt and got into my truck to sleep it off. i slept off and on till like 2 pm before i actually was able to drive home shirtless. got home puked one last time and took a shower and went to sleep again. i had a sandwich and water and felt like shit of course and layed back down. then i got up at like 9 and was like i want some chips and dip so i got that and decided i was ready to post on the blog. im just now feeling a little better and i remeber why i only go out like twice a month. a couple things i forgot to say on my last post, one is that my ex girlfriend got shiped off to navy bootcamp last monday. its not a big deal i wasnt trying to get back with her or anything but we are good friends now and it was sad seeing a good friend leave. we only hung out a couple times first time we got sushi and drove the strip and the the last time we went to mgm to see the tigers and they wernt out and then we went to mandalay bay to see the shark reef and it was closed too so on our way back we stopped in newyork newyork and rode the rollercoaster which was a lot of fun. the next thing has to do with new years. i got my vip pass for the palms but didnt book a room. it turns out that you have to purchase at least 2 days and the cheapest they had was a total of 1000$. now im here to have fun and stuff but im not going to spend 1000 on a room for 2 days the vip pass is plenty enough. that does make some things a little bit harded to accomplish though. if i meet a girl id have to convince her to go back to her room if things got hot and heavy. and if she is sharing it with any friends then things might not go down. i dont know if ill meet any girls that wont be sharing a room with friends on newyears so i put myself in a pickle. im not giving up though besides my sexuality is still on the line. if i didnt destroy my chances last night id feel a lot better about myself but of course you see how things ended up. but on new years i will make sure i pace myself.

so to recap poker my live roll sits at about 5900 i think and my online roll is at 1660. i do have the 50$ bonus that im going to clear in the next few days so thats a plus. but so far online i am like truly just breaking even on my monthly recap ill post my graph and show my showdown winnings. next month im going to be a little more aggressive when im in the pot with regulars and see if i notice any changes. i want to finish this month out so i can compare each month and recap them both. live is going good though just the last part of the week was an explosion, hopefully it continues. im going to start buying in the 1/2nl with 300 instead of 200 now. and if i make 2000 more i might go over to the aria and play the 1/3nl, its all just a plan right now so things could change. hopefully for the better and maybe they might go really good and ill be able to play 2/5nl before i leave that would be a huge accomplishment for me buuuut time will tell and untill next time cosmonauts stay strapped in for the ride

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