Sunday, November 14, 2010

mid month review

so this is my first mid month reveiw of my new season. really its like the first week of full poker play seeing how i was traveling for the first full week but a couple days of poker thrown in there as well. so far not so good haha. well it isnt that bad ill post the graph

so i started november with 1725, from what i can remember i played a short session on the first and dropped 2 buy ins and from what i can remember it was either a suckout or just unlucky or somthing who knows either way i was going into the next week with right around 1700$ for some reason the graph was cut short at the begining but i was up like 2 buy ins and now i got a pretty sweet downswing going on. so all together im down about 7 buyins from when i started the month. i dont really feel bad about it or feel like im playing bad or anything. actually i feel like im playing pretty decent im making decent laydowns not making the pots big when they dont need to be and pretty much basics like that. i did make a few questionable calls that turned out bad for me for what i remember but i really dont think a few bad calls or missed value bets here or there will give you a drastic 7 buyin downswing. im pretty sure that this is just varriance it was only about 8500 hands. ive seen regulars go through 8-12 buyin downswings and come back up in the green all the time. its just the varriance so im deffinitly not worried about it yet. time will tell. now if i lose 50 buy ins then somthings up and ill have to seriously look over my game and reavaluate. speaking of looking over my game im trying to decide how often i should go over my own play i mean i do here and there just little bits looking at my stats and what not but so far im thinking like once at the beggining of the month idk, i was also thinking maybe on those days that things just go horrible that you quit for the day i can go over my play on those days too theres usually one or two of those in a month. also just another thing to point out in my graph is that ive been running a little bad as well today i turned a full house with aces full and the guy had quads and then set under set a couple times too. my over pairs have been holding up all in pre flop though so thats a plus, so i can def. be worse.

so my cousin is super smart with computers and everything like that and while i am staying at my aunts he came over a couple times and i was talking to him about what i was looking for in a desktop. he built my aunts uncles and a couple other ones and are still running like champs after like 5 years. so anyways hes gonna make me a computer wich is awesome. we ordered the parts off the internet like a few days ago so they should be here this week sometime. its actually not that hard to put together and ill prolly be able to do it myself after i do it with him but when he was ordering the parts i had no idea what he was ordering i just told him what i wanted and what i needed it for and he set me up. so i might be able to set one up but prolly not know what to order haha. also with the things that im looking for in a desktop and how fast and durable i want it to be a pretty much saved like 1/2 the money as well everything came to right about 1000$ which if i would buy the same kind of computer at a store itd prolly be like 1800 or somthing. i didnt get a monitor for it yet just cause i can get those at the store for pretty much the same price and be able to return it if it doesnt work right, as well as a keyboard and mouse so all togehter prolly like 1200$ and on the market it prolly would be like 2000$ so this will be pretty sweet once im able to 24 table on it.

on another horrific topic poker sites are starting to crack down on players that play in washington state. so far full tilt and pokerstars dont let anyone in the state of washington play real money online which sucks hard. first im going to be moving there next november, and if things went decent this year i was going to try and go for supernova and be a have a steady grind going after work. but then the bill passed and i was like shit so much for that idea, but all wasnt lost i still had full tilt... untill now it was just a few days ago that fulltilt started enforcing the washington law as well. there will prolly be a couple sites that dont enforce it but i dont think ill ever play at those for one absolute, ub, and i think bodog have hadd scandals at them before and almost every other poker site only lets you multi table like 5 and there selection is pretty bad i think. but i might have a couple outs going into the river. first they can detect if your playing in washington from your ip address but i beleive there are programs that they sell that either block your ip address or can make a fake one so if they dont ban you for not having an ip address or cant detect your throwing off a false ip address then that might work. also ppa said that they are going to be doing a lot of work trying to remove that law and throw it out so there still might be some hope by time i move there so fingers crossed. also i read an article that was saying that the law was bassically put into another one and then told every one that this is what the law is about but for got to mention the fine print that also stated to make online gambling illegal. ive heard of that done before so i dont doubt this was the same case. some of the signers or whatever they are even said that if they knew that was what it was about they wouldnt of passed it. im pretty sure it also has somthing to do with the indian casinos prolly whining about people not going into their casinos ir somthing.

kinda on the same subject but not really the casinos in washington arnt really that good. there is one decent one that is about 40-50 miles north of seattle so like 35 miles prolly from where i wanna live that offers an "ok" nl spread. i think they only offer 2/5 nl and up but i think the 2/5 game has a 500$ betting limit on it wich can drastically hurt your profit. buuuut if it comes down to it and theres absolutely no other option i might have to play in it idk. as far as things outside of poker, things have been going good just pretty much hangin out playin poker and also pool. my uncle has a really nice pool table and we play atleast 5 games a day i actually really like it. i mean if i was around one a lot i would prolly spend a lot of time working on my game but its not somthing im going to persue if its not in front of me. i think im pretty decent i know how to throw english on the ball and i know a lot of the basics and how to leave it and things like that so i like it but yeah like i said if its not in front of me im prolly not going to persue it.... maybe if poker in washington s horrible ill hussle pool haha. also i played live poker here in colorado actually today, played in washington as well. but the casinos are about 45 miles away and arnt really worth it. there was like 5 casinos and i think 2 of them had one table of poker going. the one i played in was pretty wierd. it only had one blind. when there was 6 players or less it was a 1$ blind and when there was 7 or more players wether they were sitting out or not it was a 2$ blind wich wasnt the bad part. the bad part was that it was no limit but it had a betting limit of 10$ so say somone limps or somthing the max i could make it would be 10$, but someone else could raise it but only 10$ more, and then i could raise it again if i wanted to but only 10$ more and every betting round had a 10$ max wich was weeeiiird it was like playing no limit preflop up to 10$ and then basically limit after that. i mean some of the time post flop theyd bet 5$ or somthing but pretty much whenever i was in a pot that had 20$ or more i bet 10$ every time haha. the only thing i think was good about the game is that it limits your losses like that and also there was only one person there that i thaught had an understanding to the game and he wasnt super good or anything either pretty much just abc poker. i ended up 125$ ahead. at the begging i baught in for 100$ and dropped to 50$ which wasnt horrible just how the hands went made a fold good fold holding AA actually it was an automatic fold and also had to make a couple folds with overpairs that i thaught were good folds but who knows in that game. i was catching some cards though got paid off with a flush and with AK like 3 times i think. just to show how bad the players were i had A10 suited and the flop came A5A with 3 players i checked mp checks and button checks turns a blank i bet like 5$ or somthin mp calls button folds. river was another blank and i bet 10 and mp calls and i show A10 and she flips overr 55 for fives full??? why not raise i mean even if i did have aces full the most you would lose would be another 20$ but more likely than not i had 2 pair or 3 10's so she def. missed some value there. but i didnt say nothing lol.

also im kinda struggling with laying huge hands down. i mean i can lay down pairs like AA kk and other hands down and 2 pair and even straights when im really certain the flush was made or somthing like that but what im talking about is laying down a set when you think they have a set or a flush when they have a higher flush or three of a kind when they have a boat. one hand that comes to mind was from yesterday. i think i turned 3 10's and i got raised on ther river the way i played i was pretty cautious and only lost i think like 65bb's instead of my whole stack but when i looked over it i was losing to like j10 910 and full houses the villan wasnt a reg wich made the fold even harder but i should have layed it down. those big big laydowns dont come around that often so i really dont believe they will be the reason to your demise. but if i can find a fold in the correct spots then it will deff. show more of a profit then losing the hand, but id have to be correct wich is the hard thing about folding cause you dont know what they had unless they show and its even harder to find a fold when there not a regular. and at 10nl theres only about 10-15 regulars.

anyways even though im in the red so far this month and to the start of the new season im really still in high spirits and looking forward to the rest of the winter especially when i start 24 table :) so till next time aviators. click it or ticket and gl at the talbes

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