Sunday, September 23, 2012

relizations in september

to continue from last week this week has continued in the shityness and un excitement factors which we all know.. is no fun.

life was pretty dull ive been working 7 days a week 12 hours a day for the past 3 weeks and today was my only day off. im starting to get burned out and exhausted of work and the routine and i couldnt wait for this day off. i planned on not doing much of anything and thats exactly what im doing. when i got off work yesterday i did go and hang out with some friends and just chilled and got some food but other than that the week has been really uneventful.
hang in there with me though guys 6 more weeks and ill be on the plane to seattle where the winter journey and excitement will start.

work went pretty shitty this week as well, since we've been working 5 months now everyone is starting to get a little on edge from the grind and tempers are starting to show. i hate this part of the job because its just an annoying process to deal with but im still makin that dolla girrllllll ! lol so yeah im dealing with that till the rest of the job which hopefully will go really fast.

poker was as lame this week, which is where my realization came but ill talk about that in a second. well since my horrible day last week on monday i booked a 2.5 buyin win which was cool and then the next 2 days i played i lost it and now pretty much sit even for the week which is the lame part. im not sure if ill play today or not i dont think i will though.

daygame this week wasss........ can you guess it..... yeah, lame. i actually didnt do any daygame this week. friday i had plans that fell through so i didnt do anything and yesterday when i got off work i didnt want to do anything so i didnt. also i big factor was since my body has been under a bit of stress lately my face has broken out with blemishes a little bit which looks lovely. a saying in the pick up community is if you look good youll feel good. well i wasnt feeling good about my looks so i know it would have effected my mentality.

so my realizations about poker are mainly volume based. after playing for most the summer while working 6-7 days a week 12 hours a day im usually booking between 5-10 hours of play a week. more so around 5 though. and besiedes june when i had my tonsils taken out and was able to put in more volume im pretty much averaging around 10-15k hands a month which anyone who grinds regularly knows that really not even worth talking about in terms of volume. so over the summer if you add all my hands up i realized that if i were to be able to grind regularly maybe 8 hours a day than i could do my whole summers worth of volume in about 2 weeks. what that kinda leads to is all this "varriance" ive been having over the last couple months isnt really major varriance at all and its just a normal swing in terms of hands played. thats my excuse anyways so let me be happy. also the only month that i was a decent winner ( 32 buyins) was june which is when i had my tonsils taken out and i put in like 60k hands i think. basically i never really tried playing this summer for the winnings but more for the practice for when i move to l.a. so i can keep my mind fresh but it has still been frustrating pretty much breaking even for like the past 3 months even if it is only like 25k hands.

the anticipation is starting to build as my time gets closer and closer before i leave. i only have like 40 days untill im out of here so lets hope i can stay sane for that long. untill next time cosmonauts, stay tuned :)

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