Saturday, May 12, 2012

alright buddies quite a bit has happened since my last blog post so here goes so ive been super busy since ive been back in alaska the first week was ok, i got my apartment arrangements and then i baught a cheap car about 4 days after i got here for the next few summers. after that i had a little bit of free time before my work season started up. i was staying at my friends house and he didnt have internet which is the main reason i havnt done a blog post until now. between that time and before i started working i went out and ran pickup probablly 4 or 5 times. i ended up getting 3 numbers one girl flaked, the next girl texted me for a bit before telling me she had a boyfriend so i messed that one up somwhere, but this last ok so this chick is wild. i dont really know where to start so i guess ill start from the begining. i was at the mall with my friend running game. which my friend is just now getting into slowly. but i saw her and a friend walking she was wearing a long dress and i could see her ass shake. pretty much all i needed. ive now upped my approach ability and im approaching 2sets now. any i approached them and started talking, the conversation went decent but it was short i got her number anyways but didnt think it would stand up. started texting her for about 3 or 4 days and then we had our first date. after we connected more i was walking her to her car where i pulled her into this alley and teased her by almost kissing her and than pulling away. later i she told me just how crazy that drove her. anyway about a week later we had our second date which was 2 days ago and things got a little bit steamier but no sex. its kinda cool cause she works night shift to so our schedules are close. well shes coming over tomorow to spend the night and yeah thats pretty much where the story will have to continue. theres a few little things i should share with you guys. so this chick is crazy lol. well shes had a lot of trauma and problems in her life and a whole bunch of bad stuff so yeah she damaged goods. now if i was looking for a girlfriend than i would stay away from this chick but the crazy ones are the most fun and thats all im looking for. ive already discussed everything with her and she seemed open to it. we do both like eachother and connect really well but i still would absoloutely not go into a deep relationship with her, thats just asking for trouble. but shes kinky, super wild, and fun so just what i was looking for. my pursuit doesnt stop there. i still want to run game because i want to keep practicing. although this girl will be my summer fling i will still try and find a couple more girls i can have fun with on occasions or one night stands or somthing. either way im nowhere close to being done. the summer has just started. which leads me to my summer schedule. so ive decided to deposit money at online poker again, im not going to do this until monday but yeah. ill probablly just deposit 500$ and grind .05/.10 and try and grind my way up. im really only doing this just to keep my mind fresh with poker for this next winter. so this is how my schedule will go mon-wed i will play online poker after work for a few hours thursday is kinda a half and half day if i want to play poker ill play, if i want to run game then i will, or if i need to do other things than i will. friday-sunday our my designated days to run game. whenever i do set up dates i am going to try and plan them from mon-thursday so that might interfere with poker a little bit. so starting this monday i will be back in full time action. on the street and on the felt. theres a lot more i want to talk about but im running late as it is so im cutting this a little short. my apartment i got is actually pretty sick, a couple blocks from the center of downtown. its a high rise and im on the 8th floor with leather furniture and silver tables so it looks spiffy. i bit more than what i wanted to spend but being downtown in a high rise and close to work with the way its furnished its ok i can settle for the price. i do have the reassured feeling that when i bring girls back to my place that it is actually a nice place so its all good. so the next 6 months will be pretty much a grind. work, poker, sleep, pickup, work rinse wash and repeat im hoping it goes by fast but so far its going smooth. i really just want to be in florida grinding 5/10 and running game in miami, man i cant wait. anyways ill have to figure out a designated blogging day and then ill be able to give more details and the juicy details. till next time cosmonauts, stay tuned :)

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