Thursday, May 31, 2012

may recap

ok fellers its time for the monthly recap for poker, pickup , and life. ill start with poker of course. this whole month in general was a little slack in all aspects of life because i was just starting the summer season of my job. i also didnt move into my place until the 7th of this month and didnt get internet untill i think the 9th. add that to not playing online for a little over a year and this is what the results end up as
so as you can see right when i started playing again i took a decent downswing of almost 10 buy ins (100$) before i started to readjust to online poker. i think i started playing a little tighter and things started to go a little better and then i started opening up in early position and start trying to push people around and shit went south once again. then this last week i finally got back into the grove of things and things started to come back to me and with a little luck i broke even for the month. it says like -7$ but ive earned 10$ in bonuses so im pretty much sitting even for the month. when i first started playing i really wasnt use to the software and had to figure some things out to get playing comfortably a couple sessions later i realized how tough it was going to be to multi table without hem so i got that and then from there it was just a matter of getting use to them and figuring out a routine. there are a little things here or there that i dont care for with lock poker. mainly there time bank system which is like playing the fast tables on pokerstars if they even have those still. also kinda sucked today cause i was planning on putting in another session today but they were updating their software and i couldnt login so it kinda ruined my chance to get in the black for the month. its alright though next month will be better. as it sits right now im able to multi table 10 tables and do alright. its kinda tough at times to get in that many games and it would be even more of a challange to find available games at 25nl if i were to move up. which i dont think i will this summer. so thats about all for poker now for the pickup results. again because of me moving into my place and starting my job the results are pretty low. but i did 15 approaches this month (kinda sad really) but i was able to get 3 numbers. from those numbers ive went on a date with 1 of the girls and i ended up sleeping with her. i met her at the beginning of the month and we hang out about once or twice a week and have sex every time like 3 times so things are good. shes going to end up being my summer fling so its working out. i also got a number from a girl last weekend and have been texting her this week and have a date planned for next week on maybe monday or tuesday. since it hasnt happend yet i wont mark it down but if we go on a date ill mark it for next month. she seems pretty into me so i have a feeling if things dont go bad than i might have a happy ending with her as well. these next 2 months will be the prime months for the summer and i plan on getting a lot of my results from these months. although i do have my main fling, i will still try and get another one maybe even try and handle 3. although i already feel the stress of trying to handle multiple relationships, but we'll see how it goes i still have to go out and practice. life for the month was a bit dull besides meeting that chick. i mean i started my job at the end of last month and i moved into my sick apartment but other than that it consisted of hanging out with friends a few times and yeah nothing super exciting. next month there is a concert im going to try and go to by a group called buck cherry which should be really fun. other than that im just grinding it out in life waiting for these next 5 months to go by so i can be in florida living it up. so untill next time cosmonauts stay tuned :)


  1. Just noticed the pick up stats section on the right, lol :)

    Luvin it..!!

  2. yeah totally getting statistical in this *itch

  3. Did you get rake On RPM I know they are advertising it right now for 35% rake ???