Sunday, January 8, 2012

warning ! doom switch ahead

allllright. so i will start with poker although i think i will regret it after i post it. it seems like i am on a run good spell right now. it started the last week of last month and has continued over to this month. so far i have made just over 5k this week which is 10 buy ins and things are going smooth. ive been sticking to what i said in my last blog where if my stack gets between 1000-1500 and it gets a little slow after that than i just pickup and leave and so far its been going good who knows, if i didnt pickup when i did maybe i might not be winning that much. (or i could have won even more) i like to think the first one is more accurate though ahaha. so ive been running good now for about 2 weeks and as i stated a couple blog posts ago it seems like the live swings take about 15-25 days to occur. seeing how when i first started up last month i went through a 3 week breakeven period and now im coming up on 2 weeks of running good i dont have to tell you whats most likely waiting for me in the near future. along with me posting about my run good its pretty inevitable that im going to accidentally hit the doom switch instead of pressing fold so im sure the next post or the one after that will be all about it. so right now im sitting with 7k in profit in about 5 weeks. if im able to make a profit of 15k before i get called out for work i think i might start playing 5/10 on mondays at another casino. i guess they spread a 5/10 game every monday at a casino about 30 minutes away and since its usually only 1 day a week its always juicy and loose so maybe ill get to play in that. the casino i play at spreads a 5/5 game on the weeknd and what that entails to is that both blinds are 5$ but if your going to limp it is 10$ so its essentially 5/10 with just the big blind being 5$ instead of 10$ this game is alright ive watched it a couple times its just it has like all the decent players in it and usually only 1 fish. it plays like an actual 2/5 in vegas wich is usually pretty solid nowadays so id rather just play 5/10 somwhere else or just stick to the soft 3/5 games that im playing now so thats about it for poker for now.

now life and pick-up. so the monday after newyears i decided to go out and run day game. i went to a couple malls and only did a few approaches there actually wasnt that many people out. i ended up going to a target thats connected to one of the malls and as i was walking in i noticed this girl infront of me that basically had me hypnotized by her ass. at that moment i knew it was love... or that i had to talk to her, either or. so she turned down a makeup aisle where there were about 5 other girls. SHIT! no way i was walking into that death trap. then an idea popped into my head, if shes getting makeup than shes probablly going to get hair supplies too which were a couple aisles away.i went down one of the aisles and waited for her. (sounds like a stalker i know...) so i waited a few minutes and nothing so i decided to go to the next aisle closer as i walked around the corner she was walking around at the same time and our eyes locked as we turned down different aisles. i was like damn i missed my chance. about 15 seconds later she comes to the aisle im at and i go for the kill. i pull out a gun and shoot her... jk, gotta keep you on your toes lol. so i go in and start a conversation turns out she was from washington but was going to college in hawaii and was only here for the winter break and was leaving that saturday. which was a little lame. i decided to get her number anyway and started texting her a few hours later. she was pretty hot btw i would say a 9 and if i was blinded than she was an 8.5 anyway i run some techniques on her and try and set up another meet before she leaves she generally sounded interested but she said she was super busy with family and everything before she left which was understandable. i waited a couple days before i started talking to her again but this time i had a plan to try and get her to my place for the night. we talked for a bit and then i was slowly turning the convo sexual untill i got a little suprise. she ended up being a virgin.. yeah im pretty sure it was the truth she was only 20 and she was super sweet so i could see it but who knows maybe she was lying i still tried to get her to come to my place but no go. after that i didnt run any day game and i was pretty hyped to go out last night and run some night game. i got downtown and went to one bar that was just super packed. there were a lot of hot girls but it was just so packed it was almost uncomftorable i ended up leaving there shortly after arriving and walked to see if i wanted to go somwhere else and then bam. i just lost all motivation to run game for the night. i think it was a mix of just frustration from the bar being so packed, and walkiing outside in the cold and not knowing anything about the nightlife there. whatever it was it got me out of state and i was now pissed at myself. i hate when i let myself down and i know its horrible for progression. so im really trying to put a stop to it. despite last night im going to try and redeem myslef today. i found this big mall a little ways away from my place that im going to check out so it should be pretty busy and i should be able to do some approaches and get some numbers and ill go from there. so untill next time cosmonauts, stay tuned

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