Monday, January 16, 2012

new schedule

so i decided to reorganize my daily routine a little bit, the way it was before would be that i play poker whenever than i usually go out for some day game maybe one day a week and then usually go to downtown seattle on saturday night to run some night game. after being here for a little over a month ive noticed that the areas surronding seattle pretty much all operate on the same schedule. that being every one works during the day and has the weeknds off. so when i was going out to run day game in the middle of the week i was hardly ever finding anyone to approach. if i were in seattle it probablly wouldnt be a big of a deal but i live like 25 miles south and its filled with older people and couples so finding a single girl out here proves to be a little bit of a task during the week. so i rearanged my schedule to help my pick up possibilities. i went to a salon to get my hair colored and while i was there i was chatting up my stylist a bit and she was telling me about this bar that was pretty close to where i live so like a day later i checked it out and it seemed pretty cool but i think it is better to hit it up around midnight. so i decided that i usually get done with poker at midnight on friday so after that i will head to that bar to try and run nightgame if its decent. then saturday im devoting to daygame and then nightgame, and on sunday i will run day game untill like 5 or 6 and then head to the casino for a 6 hour session or so. so thats how im going to start doing things so hopefully i will be able to find more girls to approach.

now for some details. i ended up doing a few day approaches one was with a server girl at the poker room. i usually dont hit on girls when they are working but she was showing me some interest so i did anyway i tried to get the digits but no go, maybe in the future. the next one was actually my hair stylist. this time it was more so me just trying to run some material on her to see how she reacted at the end i was going to ask her to come outside with me to try and get her number but she had more clients waiting, she seemed interested or atlest i thaught so but oh well. the next one was on friday i went to a mall and saw a girl by her self at the food court so i approached her, i ran some ok material on her but i didnt feel to strongly about the interaction i ended up getting her number and started texting her and only got a few messages out of her before she flaked oh well she seemed a bit dull and boring anyway. saturday i was gonna go to downtown seattle but when i stepped outside i noticed that the roads were iced up, since im from alaska i dont have a problem driving in icy conditions but i was more worried about other people driving in downtown seattle so i decided to skip it and headed to the casino to see if i could do some approaches there but there wasnt shit. and sunday wasnt really much of anything, it snowed like an inch the night before and i guess whenever it snows everyone just stays in so i didnt find any girls. so thats how that went.

as far as poker goes for the month so far ive been running pretty well. ive only had 2 losing sessions out of 12 so far this month the first one i lost 400 and the second one i lost 1000 so that last session was a little bit of a hit but in general im running pretty decent and if i dont get a big downswing for the next part of the month i should end with a decent profit thats about it for this week all in all it was kind of a mediocre week but im hoping to improve that for this next week so untill next time stay tuned cosmonauts

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