Tuesday, May 28, 2013

summer quick vacation

I have some fun news that I'm pretty sure will happen and i'm looking forward to but first a recap.

so far things have still been pretty slow. I'm not sure if I talked about it in my last post or not but last week I was freeboarding and I sprained my ankle. It wasn't super bad but I had to take 2 days off of work. It's pretty much all healed up now but still hurts a little. Right after that happened they switched my shift at work so that a guy could fill in for me so when I did go back to work I had to do the 6pm-6am shift until this holiday weeknd so it kind of screwed me out of some day game I was planning on doing. I did put in a little study time on some forex material and it's getting pretty close before I start to demo trade.

Since this weeknd was memorial weeknd we finally got some time off. I got off saturday night at 10 and had a friend invite me out for the night so I got ready and met up with him at a night venue around 11. The night venues in Alaska are not really anything special as well as a lot of things in Alaska but I tried enjoying myself none the less. We went to 2 different places before I got bored and decided to leave. I told my friend I was glad for the invite though because I do appreciate simple things like friends that consider you. I also ran into an old childhood friend that I hadnt seen in about 5 years so we swapped details and left it at that which would be really cool to get back in touch with him.

Another thing I noticed was how much my view has changed towards night venues in just the last year. In my earlier 20's I was all about drinking and going out to the clubs and trying to party. Now when I go to a club or night venue I just find it extremely annoying and don't enjoy it that much at all. there is one exception, I actually love to dance. I am the type of guy who would go out just to dance but other than that I almost can't stand being in a night venue anymore.

After that night I woke up the next day ready to finally put in a solid session of daygame. I got ready and hit the streets. Right away I saw this really cute girl walking around clueless and I approached her. I found out that she was a tourist there with her family but they were leaving later that day and her family was off doing other things. I instantly had an agenda in my head for this girl.

The place I am staying is literally a couple blocks from the heart of downtown anchorage and I picked that place primarily for daygame. one reason being that I want to try and bring girls back to my place during the day. for many reasons, one of course being for sex but others as well like trying to see how far I can push the interactions and for the experience.

So after I found out the details with this girl my plan was set as she was the perfect situation to try it on. I talked to her for maybe 5 minutes. the first part of the plan was to get her to go get coffee with me so I could build more comfort with her. I suggested a bounce to go get coffee but she refused so I kept chatting with her. a couple minutes later I suggested another bounce and she declined again. Looking back on it I could tell she wasn't really interested. she liked the conversation and everything like that but I could tell that there just wasn't something she was wanting. Kinda sucks cause I really wanted to push that interaction but oh well.

After that I probably approached another 8-10 girls that day. a few I got into decent conversations with but I didn't get any results with any, no numbers or anything. all in all though I still had plenty of fun and was enjoying finally being on the streets interacting with the beautiful girls so it was all good.

That night I went to my friends where we ended up barbequing and then I stayed over at his place which was a lot of fun. The next day me and 3 of my friends went for a hike up a mountain near where they all lived and afterwards we got some food and then saw the hangover 3. We thought it was funny but not as funny as the first 2 of course. so that's how things have went so far.

It's starting to get slow at work which it usually does in june and we are about to take some time off which is where the big news comes in. So I have one more week of work and then the word is that we are going to have 2 weeks off. there still is a chance that we will work but there's more of a chance that we wont. If we don't work I wanted to travel somewhere and after looking at a lot of different options I decided I wanted to go to toronto, canada. Sounds random I know but the city looks cool and there is plenty to do for a week and I would love to try and do some daygame in downtown toronto so I'm really looking forward to it if I get the time off.

Other than that pretty much just as I stated I have a week left of work and then possibly 2 weeks off which I should be able to catch up on a lot of things in that time. so until next time cosmonauts, stay tuned :)

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