Sunday, February 17, 2013

the pain period.

another week in the books and it seems as though things have been slowly getting better.

 poker was typically pretty slow i think i made 200$ this week so nothing special about it. i have signed up to a live poker training site a couple weeks ago called crush live poker which is actually filmed at the bicycle casino which is where i play most of my sessions. as far as i know its pretty much the only live training site that goes over actual hands since they have one of those fancy tables that records the cards. anyways the training is alright. some times the host goes over theories or recaps things too fast and but its a decent training site. so far from my last winter of poker i havnt had any huge "aha" moments but i feel like my game has improved slightly and overall with practice things are going decent. im still wining anyways.

 daygame this week was pretty interesting to me. im starting to take fridays off from poker for a few reasons and i usually spend them catching up on errands i have to do and then i will do daygame. so this week i did daygame from friday until sunday. when i got out on friday i was really in the mood. i was pretty social and i was approaching a lot of girls. i only got 2 numbers but 1 seemed really solid. saturday i went out and i felt actually a little exhausted from the day before. i felt social and in the mood to do daygame but i just felt extremely tired and it was hard to push myself to do approaches. i still did a decent amount although i bitched out on a lot. i also got 2 numbers that day as well but i didnt feel like those numbers were that solid. sunday was interesting to me. saturday night i was watching some pickups on you tube and i came across an instructor who had a few speeches on youtube. i watched his stuff and really liked his vibe. i tried to mirror his vibe when i went out on sunday and i really like how it came across. i felt like it was just an all around better approach. i ended up getting 3 numbers on sunday with one that was really solid. i texted all 7 numbers when i got home and only 2 have responded so far. there might be one other girl that might respond but i feel like the others were going to flake anyways. so hopefully i can land a date with one or all of them in the next week cause its been a little while.

 about mid way through the week i kinda bantered with myself at where i was with both daygame and poker and it seems like im in both the same spot. at the beginning of learning a new skill or anything really things are really fun. your trying new things and learning and trying to get good so it is fun. once you achieve a certain level of success or skill things kind of become redundant and it really takes a lot of effort to achieve that next level and thats kinda where i am at. no matter about the outcome or the results its pretty much all about the effort and putting in the time and dedication and the term is referred to as "the pain period". you can probably guess why. things arent always fun in these times and can be hard. just like i said though its just about putting in the time and effort and trusting that the results will come. sometimes it can be difficult especially when things go really bad but you just have to keep on keepin on.

 as in the words of the great joe dirt. "lifes a garden, dig it!"

anyways that about sums up this week. like i said im going to try and set up a date within the next week so we'll see where that leads. and besides that im just going to keep on pushing. untill next time cosmonauts, stay tuned :)

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