Sunday, July 15, 2012


theres such things as bad days right. well just think of this week as one long bad day and see if we can start off better this next week. thanks all mighty viewer of the universe.

that was putting it short. to go into detail it seems like things are definitely on a downswing. ill start with life which i guess there might be a little negative view to it. so pretty much life is the same. this last week there wasnt a whole lot of excietment going on just kinda worked, played poker, ran daygame, and hung out with friends. this upcoming saturday though is a concert being preformed by citizens cope which im super excited for. so everything seemes to be going smooth just grinding away at life and counting down the days till nomvember 1st. the only bad thing i can think of is its getting a little slow at work so our hours might get slimmed back to 40-50hrs a week. isnt necessarily a bad thing but when im working my summer job i like to put in the hours but no biggie.

poker will be the start of the rant i suppose. this week although i only played about 4000 hand i pretty much saw it all. bad beat, coolers, suck outs, miracles, pretty much the works. top that off with playing mediocre and it accounts for a downswing. although since getting rakeback i am pretty close to breaking even for the week. i think im down 2 or 3 buyins for the month.
hope i can bring it back and continue my non losing streak for another month. kinda sucks only putting in about 5-7k hands a week cause as many online players know sometimes a swing can last as long as 25k hands and in some cases 50k hands. i remember when i was 24 tabling 10nl on stars i had a 50k hand breakeven stretch. but since i was 24 tabling it only lasted about 10 days. hope that isnt the case here.

that leads me to a couple things. although i like the idea of money back. i hate the idea of only winning because you make money from rakeback. i take a lot of pride in being a winning player and just the thought of knowing that you cant beat poker except from rakeback is kinda a slap in the face to me. the other topic is the actual thoughts and feelings you have when you are losing. its kinda funny cause when you lose or at least with me theres always that second guessing yourself that maybe you are doing something wrong and a big leak came into your game or you are getting really outplayed and 100 other thoughts when really it could just be variance. part of the game but its funny that i think that way. what can i say poker is more fun when you are winning.

pickup is pretty much following the same course as poker to an extent. although im not doing horrible at daygame this month, the results are not there. this friday and saturday i was able to approach 3 girls and thats it. for the most part there wasnt that many approachable girls out this weeknd and some of the girls i saw i had concerns of wether or not they might not be old enough or a couple other lame excuses. i did however talk to a girl on saturday who looked white but she was egyptian and thai. really cute girl. i was able to get her number but i have my doubts and think she is ultimately going to flake.
i texted her yesterday after we talked just to establish contact basically and she didnt text back. so ill text her a couple more times in the next few days and if no replies than ill move on.

i know the main problem as to why they flake and is because im not building enough comfort in the first interaction. i generate attraction and things are going good, but then they have to go or i forget to bridge into comfort or hardly go into details about myself. so attraction is really good for getting the number but if you dont build the comfort there not going to reply to the text. im trying to work on it but if im only approaching 3 girls a weeknd its a little difficult. none the less it seems like my number close rate is holding steady at about 20% still a pretty small sample but i think im pretty confident in saying that i can number close 1 in 5 girls.

another quick story was on friday when i went out after work. the only girls i approached were these 2 girls in short dresses and they looked all dressed up for somthing. anyway i approached them and it was going good. turns out they are interns for a big business company and were on a coffee break. the main problem was that the girl on the left was a 6.5 and the girl on the right was a 7.5 and i wasnt really interested in the girl on the left. the problem was that the girl on the left was showing all the signs that she was interested in me. laughing at everything i said. preening her hair constantly, investing in the conversation a lot etc. the girl on the right didnt really seem that interested. well i didnt want to basically reject the girl on the left and just go for the girl on the right so i just winged it and told them that i would take them both out and they could fight to the death over me. in a joking manner of course.
the girl on the right took my number which i hardly ever give out my number and then we went seprate ways. plain and simple id give it a 5% chance that either of them contact me and thats the main reason i try to always get there number rather than give mine so i consider that a fail as well.

all in all the week wasnt horrible but i still could have had a lot better results. but thats about it for this week next week im hoping for some good juicy details to fill you guys in on so untill next time cosmonauts. stay tuned :)

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