Monday, April 9, 2012

nearing the finish line

alright so this last week has been a little mediocre but it could have been worse.

ill start with poker since it will be the easiest to talk about. well my mom came to visit me so i didnt play thursday-saturday so it was a short week for poker but thats ok because this whole week was pretty much a breakeven week. i think im down like 200 or somthing like that. its a little frustrating because this next week is my last week here and it would be cool to leave on a winning note but ill take breaking even for the last few weeks over losing anytime. today had a sweet touch to how it has been going too. i was able to make 1000$ in 8 hours and then that 9th hour i lost 900 when all my big hands came up second so yeah pretty much how the last few weeks have been going but no biggie. i have about 4 or 5 more sessions left so there might be a little magic left.

this last week was a little interesting for pickup. since today is easter i didnt go out today cause everything was closed and on saturday i went to downtown seattle to run daygame on the streets. ive only done a few approaches on the streets so the experience was pretty new to me but i ran game for about 7 hours and did 10 approaches. i actually really like street game after doing it. especially on a nice day which saturday was. i also learned a lot this past weeknd and saw myself progress a bit so its going ok. most of the approaches i did went ok i only really got into a good conversation with 3 of the girls but everything else was pretty smooth, pretty much just a numbers game after that. that is one thing that im looking foreward to when i get back up to alaska is from may-july it will be a good opportunity to run a lot of street game downtown especially when all the tourists are there, add the fact that i will have an apartment that will only be a few block away from central downtown and it will be a good time, im looking foreward to it. so this is probablly going to be the last weeknd in washington that i will be runnign game unless i put time aside to do it which i probablly wont. when i go to newyork for the week i might actually try and do some approaches there if i see the opportunities but im not going to set anytime aside to just run day game. and thats about it for pickup untill i get to alaska.

the life aspect has a couple things on the agenda. well like i said my mom visited me for a couple days which was cool and i entertained her for a little bit. also tonight i just started packing up a couple things in my apartment and im getting things ready for when i move out. i plan on packing all my stuff up on thursday and then late saturday night or early sunday morning i will go to the airport and just hang out untill i board my plane for newyork. my apartment is pretty easy to pack up. although while i was here i got a new couch and a 55inch tv so that adds a little bit more baggage but it shouldnt take more than a few hours to move everything out of my place. once i have it in storage everything might sit there for the next year and a half or more because if the plans stay good than i will be moving to florida next winter and i will keep my stuff here and just rent a furnished place there. but whenever i do settle down i have all the stuff i need to furnish my place so its cool. anyways thats about all just got this last week left in washington and then it onward ho. so untill next time cosmonauts, stay tuned

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