Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Traveling stories part 3: Portland and L.A

Sorry for the delay on the posts folks. Just got finished with my 17 day vacation in Hawaii which included 10 days on O'ahu and a week on Maui. I didn't spend anytime online which is the reason for the lack of posts except for the last one when I was nurturing a sun burn :|  Well I'm back in L.A now and today is the first day of my winter grind, so first on the list was to update the blog.

After leaving Vancouver, Canada with only 5 hours of sleep I headed straight to Portland, Oregon. I have a friend from Alaska who is living in Portland and has his birthday a day after mine so I made it a point to be in attendance. I also had plans of meeting another fellow daygamer that lived in Portland that I had met on the daygame forums.

After arriving in Portland I contacted the daygamer from the forums and we met up. He turned out to be a pretty cool guy. One year older than me and had been doing daygame for about a 1/4 of the time I had but his progress was very quick and he was someone you knew would excel at it. It was kind of lame because me and this guy connected really well. It's like when two people have the same mind frames, beliefs, and think very similar you can benefit so much from each other. Every one does better around like minded people and this was the first daygamer I had been around that thought pretty much exactly how I did so we clicked instantly. We only daygamed for a short few hours but it was way fun being introduced to downtown Portland and all the unique perspectives it had to offer. I managed to get a number and an instant date but nothing progressed out of either but I wasn't expecting much out of just one day in Portland.

After our short daygame session we went and grabbed a beer where we talked about theory and other life pertaining topics which is where being around like minded people can do wonders. After hanging out for a bit it was time for me to meet up with my friend for his B-day celebration so I said goodbye to my new wing in Portland and headed over to my friends.

My friend was hosting a dinner at a local middle eastern/ Indian restaurant which actually was way good. Afterwards we went to a local ice cream shop that was serving flavors such as: minced meat pie, olive oil and sea salt, brown sugar and coffee, as well as a few "normal" flavors. I decided to not be too extreme and go with snickerdoodle and cinnamon. From there we dropped in numbers to just 5, it was my friend, his 3 other band members, and me. We headed to a local pub and they decided on drinks. I planned on driving to LA in the morning so I only had the opening round of a tequila shot. We bounced to about 4 different pubs while everyone was getting more and more drunk and soon it was just down to my friend, his bass player, and me. I was DD  but it was cool. It was soon 3:30 AM and I was planning on driving to LA at 7 am so I could be there before midnight. I also planned on being asleep by about midnight so I could get enough sleep to do so. I also somehow forgot people go out and party on their B-days into the wee hours of the night.

I ended up dropping my friend and his bass player off and decided to say  "Fuck it" and hit the road. Filled up on gas, bought some munchies, put on the Ipod and........ pulled over about 2 hours later to go to sleep hahahha. I only slept for a few hours before I was back on the road, drove for about 8-10 hours before feeling exhausted and pulled off for another hour of sleep and then mad it the rest of the way to LA. You know what with only such a limited amount of sleep over those few days I only almost fell asleep at the wheel probably about 5 times... not to bad :P

Eagerly awaiting me in LA was the girl I am buckling down with for the winter. After arriving, Having a short passionate kiss I hit the shower making sure to clean off the reminisce of all the abused adrenaline I've managed to use over the last week. It didn't take long after that before we were in bed tangled inbetween each other. The reason I decided to stay with this girl for the winter is for many reasons. mainly out of all the girls I've been with she is the one who closely resembles me and we connected and see eye to eye really well. she also has the figure I love which is about 5'6'' and 140lbs, not chubbie! she is proportionate and has a sex drive of a 16 year old boy. Also she is pretty damn kinky which is a topping to the cake. On a normal day she is a 7 but dressed up and flashy she can pull off an 8. She has long flowing brunette hair, a nice full ass, and Large breasts that are fake, we are in LA after all.

I had 3 days scheduled for LA before it was off to Hawaii for 17 days and in those 3 days I can say I managed to do one thing. spend about a months worth of sperm. girl just did not want to stop :) Even better is she got on birth control before I came ( pun intended) so that means no rubber for the whole winter YIPPEE! The whole time in LA was pretty much straight forward. Wake up have sex, Do whatever during the day, go out for food, come home have sex multiple times. After 3 days of that I was actually pretty wore out. I mean a guy only has so much to offer. After all that she drove me to the airport where we kissed and said goodbye.

Next stop was Hawaii where things got a little frisky, dangerous, and adventurous. So until next time cosmonauts, stay tuned :)

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