Monday, September 2, 2013

My red pill exposure.

In the last post I talked about the idea of the real life "red pill" and how life isn't really what it is thought to be. In this post I wanted to talk about how I am living life now that I am looking through it with a new thought process.

Daygame/seduction is what did it for me. when I was 16-22 I had two serious relationships and looking back on it they both kind of just happened and more than not the two girls pursued me. After the last break up I had pretty negative thoughts towards dating and I moved to Vegas for the winter to have some fun, play poker for the winter, gain some life experience, and just get out. It was when I was about to leave vegas at the end of my stay that I "found" game. I was going out to the clubs about every other weeknd. nothing super crazy just going out getting drunk having fun, dancing, and trying to talk to girls... trying.

That's where it started. When I was going to the clubs without knowing any kind of game or seduction techniques I was still trying to approach. Unfortunately I was shit at conversations. I am generally a quite guy, and even over the years of pushing my boundaries and maturing my life and expanding, I am still a pretty quite guy. just who I am. Nothing wrong with that it's just it's not very helpful when it comes to conversations. So while I was clubbing in vegas and trying to approach the interactions would usually go the same. hey how are you, where you from, how's your night going, what are you drinking...etc. Like I was expecting them to fall in my lap just because I came over to talk to them. oooooh being young and unexperienced.

Well at the end of my stay in vegas I was getting pretty frustrated when talking to girls and not being able to build a conversation with them. I eventually youtubed "how to talk to girls" and came across some videos I liked. They were of a dating coach in austraila who primarily talked to girls during the day. I started watching more of his videos and by time I went back up to Alaska I wanted to try and start approaching girls during the day. I eventually found the "pick up community" online. (basically a bunch of websites, forums, articles, and so on of dating, pickup, game, and seduction). After finding the community online and approaching I began to take it more serious and put a lot of effort in trying to improve my dating life.

Learning game/seduction is great and I actually really suggest every male to try and do so. It isn't because you are able to have sex with the girls that you want but for me it is more so that your whole life changes for the better. you learn in game that you have to be an "attractive man", but that doesn't mean looks. you are attractive by the things you do in your life. hobbies, interests, style/fashion, grooming, physique, attitude, confidence, and so much more. so game really changes you to become a genuine real man and a man that you should be. That is why I like game and suggest other to try to learn it.

After getting decent consistent results in game my mind state shifted. I was able to meet the girls I wanted in my life and be able to put what ever kind of effort I wanted into them and if I didn't like them then I would move on to the next one. That is pretty much the start of my red pill exposure.


Being able to have the girls in your life and being able to be the chooser instead of the chosen is a great ability and experience. No longer will you have to "wait for the one" to come along. you go out and find her. Now being the chooser my mind began to shift. Why do people get married. most guys don't know game and have abundance so they live in scarcity and they end up settling with whatever comes along. If they had abundance would they get married? possibly, but this time it would be with a girl of their dreams and not some girl that fell into their lap. My thoughts on marriage aren't productive so I don't want to get married anyway but that's besides the point the point is that my mind started to shift from the thoughts of settling, and living in comfort and instead was being replaced with Abundance, pushing the boundaries, not settling, and trying to really see how far I can take life.

That's where I was exposed to the red pill. Now I was looking through my eyes in a way and thought process of not settling. Not just with women but with all aspects in my life. I've come to realize that over the past years of my career I really don't care for what I'm doing. It's ok, it pays great, but it's comfortable and isn't what I truly want to be doing with my life. So I decided after next season I'm quitting and going after what I really want. At this point in my life I don't really care for the American scenery and I find europe so much more intriguing. When I quit my job next year, I'm moving to Europe for however long it seems fit. I'm trying to have an intersting life instead of a boring comfortable life by introducing new things. I want to take salsa dance classes, I'm going to try free lance writing, and I'm learning how to day trade. I want to travel as much as possible and expose myself to new things, new people, new cultures, and new experiences.

I want to live life.

The list goes on but that is where I am at. It all started with the simple idea of trying to learn how to talk to women that made realize that life isn't what it is made out to be. You don't have to settle down and get married with the first girl you spend a couple years with, you don't have to settle with the job you are in if you don't care for it. you don't have to live your life in an unintersting and unexciting way. Once you realize that, truly realize that and take action. That is when you begin to escape the matrix. You have to take action though. So until next time cosmonauts, stay tuned :)