Sunday, March 10, 2013

success doesnt always feel like it

this week sums up basically as the title puts it. there was actually a lot of success but it doesnt really feel like it.

poker had a lot of mixed emotions this week as it has the last month or so. the first day i played i actually sat with 250$ of a free roll because of a promotion the casino was doing kind of like a rake back promotion. anyways i ended the day break even after being up like 250. the next day was actually pretty stellar and won almost 1500. the 3rd day i lost 750 and it put me on edge and i just decided i didnt want to play the rest of the week after that. so yeah i came out ahead for the week but just didnt really feel good about it.

daygame was pretty interesting. thursday and friday i went to a big mall about 10 miles north of where i live and ended up doing quite a lot of approaches. i think i ended up getting 5 numbers or so from those two days. one number i got from a girl i got on film. my friend/wing in seattle wanted me to record some approaches i did so i did using my phone. the quality of the recording is shit but its a recording none the less.
the girl turned out super sweet. she was 18 and still in high school haha. we texted the first night and it went go so far and she seems like shes into me so we will see if it goes anywhere. i eneded up getting a few more number over the rest of the weeknd but so far nothing super solid. a lot of the numbers i got from last week have been the concentration of my efforts.

a couple girls that i got there number from a while ago are back in town and i am trying to set something up with them this week so we'll see how that goes. and there are a couple other possibilities but im not to concrete about them. so basically same thing. this week was success but it feels like it wasnt.

this weeknd i am actually going to a electronic dance concert about an hour out of LA which should be pretty awesome. im meeting up with a friend i met in vegas. im definitely going to try and pick up girls and im going to try to go super direct basically trying to kiss them within the first minute of talking to them. so i have that to look foreward too and then after that the latina girl i slept with last week will be back in town so we will connect again and maybe i wont feel like a failure so much :p

anyways things are going good just feels like i should have more results but im still enjoying the process of everything. until next time cosmonauts, stay tuned :)


  1. LOL , Dr Freud , Glad your still Grinding at the cash games down there . Whens the trip back to Alaska .

  2. thanks although my drive to grind is seeming to get less and less. i should be going back up to alaska around april 18th or so