Sunday, January 13, 2013

good week not so good weeknd.

so as the title puts it i had a pretty good week but the weeknd turned out a little lame just based off of results.

poker went well for what amount i played. i only played wednesday and thursday. on wednesday i played another wsopc event and i felt like i played really well and before i busted out i made a move that i felt really good with but got called and my 25% equity didnt show up so i was out of the tournament :( sad face ... haha the cash game went really well both days. i won 1300 one day and then 1400 the next day. hopefully im starting an upswing and things go really good.
also on thursday allen cunningham sat at the 5/5 table i was sitting at. i think he was just messing around because he basically threw away 500$ the very first hand he played.

the reason why i only played poker 2 days this week is because i had other stuff planned. on monday i had a date with a girl i have been talking to and then tuesday was like 75 degrees out and me and my friend wanted to go to the beach and try to tan which i dont think we got any darker. and i wanted to take friday off and do whatever so that is what happened. the date was fun we went to an indoor go kart place. the karts were really fast and it was only me and her but it was still a good time.

after the date she came back to my place where we watched a comedy and then we went into my room where we talk for a bit and then the touching came into play... and then a little kissing.... and then a fart.... wait no not a fart lol you get it though we sealed the deal. its weird though because she has got a crazy hot body but she is so self concsious i kinda hate when girls are like that. we saw each other a couple times after that and then she came over again on friday night and we went for another round. shes a pretty fun chick but i mentioned in my last post that she is supposed to be moving out of state within the month so im still pursuing other girls.

 daygame was kind of the let down this weeknd. we did put in some good effort this weeknd and actually i think i probably approached the most girls i have in a single weeknd but i just felt so out of state. like i was slacking or just really disconnected from it. it was a pretty lame feeling. i did get one number and she has texted me back but i dont know how far it will go.

and since the weeknd from daygame i have got a feeling of being lost without direction which i tend to get every now and then. i just start to question things and wonder where my direction is and what it is im actually aiming for in all aspects of my life. without direction it seems like things are just really plain and dull. it seems like these little slumps only last for a few days or so, so maybe ill feel better next week.

my friend is going to be leaving back to alaska on the 4th but before then we are going to vegas on the 29th-1st so that should be pretty fun i plan on doing a bit of poker and a lot of daygame. as well as jumping off the stratosphere connected to a harness so that should be a crazy adrenaline rush ill try and get pics or something.
so yeah this week went pretty decent actually but the weeknd was kind of dull. so until next time cosmonauts, stay tuned :)

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