Sunday, February 5, 2012

nothin wrong with a little bump and grind

so im popping a bottle of wine and toasting this week away as im glad i was able to walk away alive. so to put it short varriance has finally shown up, in both aspects of life so here goes

poker was well. not fun this week. although it was only like 4 losing days out of 6 i took a bit of a beating. nothing to crazy to report just pretty standard varriance but i guess i can talk about my last session. so it was like a 6 hour session and through that whole time there was an older guy sitting in the one seat which was two to my left, now this older guy played a big role in my downfall. early in the day i isolated a limper and he 3 bet from the button, and i folded. 3 bets at that casino arnt super rare but versus cetain opponents they are pretty polarized. now came the same instance there was a limper in the same spot i isolated and he 3 bet me on the button. this was about an hour later and i was like ok that could just be a coincidence but next time that guy limps im gonna iso when he is on the button and if he 3 bets me again im going to 4 bet. well about an hour later the same guy limped i isolated and the older guy 3 bet from the blinds now the limper called and i 4 bet and they both called. great. everyone at my end of the table was like man this guy has got your number i wiffed the flop and the older guy shoves and whatever shows KK. so i guess he was just running hot or somthing. at the end of the night i was down 800 and had 200 in front of me and i pick up AK utg. i raise and a guy on the button who i think could make a loose 3 bet did 3bet. the bb 4bet and i shoved. i realize 4 bet in that game pretty much means it but i was tilted pretty much from getting 3 bet all day and just went with it. shockingly enough i missed the flop turn and river and left the day -1000. and thats how my last session went. so i had a few of those days and a couple mediocre winning days. i did however travel about an hour north to check out the biggest casino washingotn has to offer. its about 40 minutes north of seattle. i think if im here in the summer or next winter than im going to mover near there. theres actually a couple reasons why. the first is that casino has a hotel as well and is close to canada so it gets a little bit of tourist flow into it. also theres an average of 4-5 3/5 tables going everyday compared to the casino i play at wich usually has 2 going and most of the time 3. and lastly a lot of people from seattle live north compared to south which means theres a lot better selection of females to talk to, sounds dorky i know but the town i live in has a population of like 60% elderly. the only reason im living here is cause of the casino. so in the future if im living in washington ill live closer to the other casino.

now on to life and pick up. so life has been going decent i suppose nothing too much outside of poker and pickup. i do want to do some activities while i have a chance and i dont mind doing some stuff alone but its a lot more fun when you do stuff with other people. i met another young guy about my age playing poker and weve been talking over the past month so theres kinda a friendship building there but i dont think were that alike outside of poker. thats another thing that im hoping to be able to meet a girl is so that i can actually get out and do some things. which leads to pick up this week. i should just say this weeknd cause thats when i run pickup, although if a situation comes up during the week i take it but it hardly does. so friday night after poker i went to the bar near my house and it wasnt as packed as last week. i had the intentions of trying to open a group of girls. isolating one of them from the group and then kiss closing her and possibly progress from there. after i got in i realized there wasnt much of a selction i hung out for a little bit and saw a group of like 8 people with 2 guys all playing pool. 4 of the people came over to the bar to get drinks and left 4 girls alone. i asked if those were there friends and if they minded me going and talking to them. they said ok and i went over and started a conversations it only lasted like 5 minutes before the other people returned and the focus was shifted on them. that was the perfect time to isolate one of the girls i wanted to but i was lost in the situation and took it as a rejection. looking back at it though. it really was a perfect time to isolate. and it would have gone pretty smooth cause their group was so big that they would be alright with me just talking to one girl on the side. i learned from the mistake though and its in the memory bank. now it was saturday and time to run some day game. i do like day game more because its more genuine and the girls are more likely to connect with you but its a bit harder trying to find the girls as you will see. so i went to a mall near my place and walked around a bit and saw a girl sitting by herself on a bench. i went over and opend her and about 3 seconds later a little kid comes up saying mommy mommy. i was like ooooook later. i started to walk away and the little kid runs my way to an older guy who i assumed was the father. so im pretty sure this guy just watched me try to pick up his wife haha. anyways i walk around the mall and dont find anyone to approach over like 2 hours so i leave to a bigger mall about 20 minutes away. this mall is like my favorite spot because of how big it is and its like 10 minutes south of seattle so there is a lot of people in it. that being said it took like 3 hours of walking around before i found a situation where i could approach a girl. she was walking my way i stopped her and started a conversation and then walked with her to where she was going. it turns out she lives about 5 hours away and was only visiting her aunt. i got her number anyway just to do it and maybe set up somthing even though i know it probablly wouldnt happen.
so i texted her yesterday and today but nothing so i pretty much expected that. after her i stayed in the mall for like another hour but couldnt find anyone else to approach and so i left. now it was time to run some night game and i headed into seattle. so i checked out a few bars and everything seemed to be pretty slow and it was like 11pm which was wierd. i hardly saw any girls i did open a girl probablly around 32 at one bar but that fizzled out pretty fast. i think since today was the super bowl nobody went out last night. or thats what it seemed like casue for a place that is always packed and now it wasnt there had to be somthing that was up. so i headed home without any success but i did find a couple places that i liked that i will check out probablly next weeknd which will probablly produce some results. i usually go out to do daygmae on sundays as well but since the super bowl is going i doubt anyone will be out so ill just save it.

so as you can tell the past couple weeks have been pretty varrianced filled in both aspects of life. i do think i am running especially bad with the girls i meet though. the last 4 numbers ive got it seems like there was always somthing that was keeping me from actually acieving any kind of success. but persistance is key in the game so ill keep on going. so untill next time cosmonauts. stay tuned ;)

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