Sunday, December 18, 2011

in the middle

well now that i have internet set up i should be posting every sunday again if not a couple times a week. i can pretty much sum this week from the last time i posted in one word.. mehhh. ill start with life/pick-up and then poker

so life i suppose is going pretty steady which is the only thing thats showing results at the moment unfortunitly. my workout is going pretty smooth so the first week is over, i dont know how long ill work out for this time but it will probablly be somwhere between 12-16 weeks again with the last like 6 weeks being diet/muscle toning part of the work out. i think i said this last post but i baught a new couch this week and ill be picking it up this thursday so im pretty stoked about that, after i get my couch im going to get a bigscreen tv and then my apartment will be ready to start bringing the girls home... using the chloroform approach of course ;). so spreaking of picking up girls this week has been pretty hit and miss with a lot more misses than hits. the guy that i met here who is also a pua invited me to a going away party for one of his friends on friday night so i went to that. all his friends were rugby players and had some pretty interesting party routines which were pretty histarical and the party was actually pretty intertaining there were probablly about 6 ot 7 girls there and right when i got there i talked to one of them for like 10 minutes and it didnt go anywhere and later i talked to another for about 10 minutes as well but i thaught she was there with a guy so i didnt progress with it. after the party fizzled out me and my friend went to that after hours club again. there wasnt a whole lot of hot girls there but we did dance with these two girls for a bit but after that not a whole lot really happend. while he was dancing with one of the girls i walked the room and saw a group of people together with one of the girls kinda excluded so i approached her and talked for a bit things were going good. she had a protective friend with her though saying that she was getting married soon or somthing like that so i was trying to win her over so i could talk to the girl without interuptions but they left about 30 minutes after i started talking to them. the one girl i was interested in seemed like she was into me and if i had more time with her i think it would have proven some results, but i was able to get a picture with her.
today i went out to try some day game, i was initially just going to go out for a couple hours then go play poker but i didnt really want to be at the casino after midnight and i wanted to put more than 5 hours in at the table so i just made the day for running game, which turned out pretty sad. it seemed like there was a lot of people out, unfortunitley there werent that many hot girls that were approachable. i went to several busy stores and it was all the same which is the main thing i dislike about day game is having to go out and find the hot girls. i only found one spot to apprach a girl after 6 hours and it turned out she was im debating wether or not to go out tomorrow for round 2 since monday is pretty slow at the poker room so we'll see

poker poker poker. oh how frustrating you can be at times. so i think the last time i posted i said i was either up lik 250 or down 250. i cant remember anyway i was able to have a decent day at the tables a couple days ago winning 1000 and i was sitting at like +750 for the month and then yesterday happend *wipes tears away* i lost like 600 within the first couple hours of playing and i was like great going to be a day where im fight to try and break even and then this hand happend.

utg raises to 15$ utg+1 calls 15 mp1 calls 15 button calls 15 hero is sb with KK and raises to 80$

utg calls 65 utg+1 calls 65 2 folds
flop K T 6 one dimond hero checks, utg checks, utg+1 checks

turn 8 of dimonds hero bets 100$ utg calls 100 utg+1 folds

river is 3 of dimonds hero bets 180$ utg gos all in for 400, hero calss 220 more

utg has AJ of dimonds for the flush

so yeah i check the flop cause i pretty much just put them on pairs if there going to call my big 3 bet like that so i didnt want to make them fold right away and i wanted to disguise my hand, on the turn i bet 100 so that i wouldnt bet them off there pair, the river i actually tanked for a while cause i was trying to think of an amount jacks or queens would call, and if he had a set of 10s then we were getting it in anyway so i settled on the number 180, when he shoves i snap call and didnt even think about the flush and that set me down 1100 for the night so now im down 400$ for the month which isnt a big deal just a whole lot of break even happening. hopefully this is me "running bad" because if it is than when i run good i should be able to make some decent cash, time will tell though. i do feel like im running poorley, not totally horrible but i know im not running good so im just waiting for it to turn around. when i was playing in vegas it seemed like the swings would last on average between 15-25 days and my last session was number 14 so i think some fireworks will happen soon either for the good or bad. so i guess ill report back next week or if somthing dramatic happens ill be sure to fill it in. untill next time stay tuned cosmonauts

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