Sunday, December 25, 2011

getting aquainted

alright, so last time i said things werent going so hot in poker and i was breaking even pretty much the whole month and i wasnt putting that much effort into the female attraction part of my life either. well things have improved a little only slightly though for now.

to start i will say merry christmas of course. so poker over the last week was a little bit of a ride the first 3 days i lost like 4 buyins and then the last 4 days have been decent and now im sitting up 800$ for the month. i first wanted to try and make 1500 this month but seeing how its going ill take whatever i get as long as its positive. im not going to play today but i plan on putting in a bit of volume for the remaining days of the month to try and win a little more. now after playing at this specific casino for about a month i have come to like and dislike certain things. one thing i particularly like is playing with a lot of the same people. i never thaught i would like playing with "regs" but what i found is that after playing with a lot of players for a while you figure out how they play and you can play against it which you cant really do so much when your sitting down with somone youve never played. there are still a lot of losing players and losing regs so its just a matter of figuring out there play and countering it. so givin the fact that i had to move into my apartment this month, get everything set up, deal with the holidays, and get readjusted to live poker again im ok with how my results are going. i still do feel like i wasnt running that well for the whole month but ill recap my month next week when i do the monthly review.

the female aspect of my life has been about the same. nothing too exciting as of yet. although i am becoming more involved in improving it. im starting to get more eager to want to improve my results just like i was when i first started playing poker. im putting in a lot of effort understanding how "game" works and really delving into the study of it. just like poker though you can study it all you want but your not going to win at it if you dont go out and use it. this last week i went out to run some day game a couple times i did a couple approaches but they werent anything special. when friday came around i was really hyped to go to seattle and run some night game and try some new things. i went to a couple new clubs which i quickly found out i didnt like so i went to the club that i had been to before and being that it was 2 days before christmas there wasnt a whole lot to choose from i did see a couple girls that i talked to for about 15 minutes but after interacting with them i found out they werent really my type. i was texting a guy i worked with and sayed he was up the street about a mile at an area called bell town. so i drove up there to try and meet up with him. we never did meet up but im glad he told me about the area cause it lookes like a lot better of an area to run night game cause the street is lined with bars and ultra lounges. he was talking about going out for new years so i might do that with him. this next week will probablly be pretty slow in the female department because i really want to put time in on poker to try and get a little more results

and in about a week of course is new years. im actually pretty excited for it. not just new years eve but the whole new year its self ive got some pretty determining new years goals and motivations so next week ill will have some decent content in it untill then stay tuned cosmonauts

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