Saturday, October 22, 2011

oh so close

well first i have to say to anyone who cares (mainly just me) that im sorry for not doing a post for last week. things have just been kind of a grind as of late and its been a bit slow in all aspects as of late. so i think in the last post i said i met a hot chick but she had fucked up teeth. i did end up calling her once and she didnt pick up so i just took that as a sign from the pickup artist gods to move on. so i did. i dont believe i had any real exciting things happen the week before this one. i might have done one other approach but i dont really remember. this week has kind of been slow as well. i only went out i think 3 times during the day and only did 2 approaches. ill talk a little later about why.

so for the approaches they were both on the same day. i first went to the mall on thrusday i believe. not surprising that it was almost like a ghost town in there. i ended up hanging out there for like an hour to see if anything would turn up. i ended up seeing this girl that was dressed kinda pretty but i wasnt really super attracted to her. i thaught ehh i might as well. so i went over to her table sat down and did an opening line she gave me a quick giggle grabbed her things and got up. hahah instant rejection. i havnt had one of those in a while so that was interesting. after that i got a smoothie and was like alright imma get out of here theres not much going on. so i headed to barnes and noble book store. ive gone there a bit but never really see any cute girls there. this time i did however. so i approached her and started a conversation, things went well. i was able to create attraction and comfort and schedule an unofficial date that we were going to plan for later so things went well. i texted her the next day to reopen her. im starting to try and learn really effective phone game. mostly through text and it went well. so things were going well and i was serioulsy about 2 or 3 messages away from setting up the date when she sent me a message saying that she wanted me to know that she was in a relationship blah blah blah. i was like damnnnn. this one would have been a success if she didnt have a bf. it seems like every time i get a number im able to get closer and closer to achieving success so id say my pursuit in becoming a pua is going well. this next week will most likely be pretty slow as well and i dont know how much i will be able to get out and heres why

so the job gets done november first. im not totally burned out but my mentallity has gone down a little bit. so ive got about a week an a half left of work and then ill be having some fun for the month. ive also got some new plans. so my mom hasnt been to hawaii and i felt like being a good son and decided to take her. so were going to hawaii on the 13th then when she flys home im going to island hop over to another island where my friend lives and stay for another 3 days. the whole trip is like 9 days then ill get back a couple days before thanksgiving and get everything ready for me to move and then i should be flying into seattle probablly around the 26th. and then hopefully find an apartment that week and move in and get settled down. so if everything goes right i should be playing poker in washington somewhere between the first and second week of december also ill still be persuing my pua lifestyle so i will combine the two. as far as my real job goes. it sounds like things are going to be a little slow for a while so ill be ready to go to work whenever but i dont think it would be right away. which is fine by me im really looking forward to putting some time in at the tables.

the one thing that interests me about seattle poker is that they dont spread anything lower than 2/5. they have spread games from like 2-100 and like 3-6 limit games but as far as the no limit action they only spread 2/5.
so after i left vegas this winter i was playing 2/5 for like the last 2 weeks and it went ok. going off of my roll that i had when i left vegas ill have 12.5k for a bankroll which should do nicely for 2/5 and ill be pretty comftorable with that. one thing that interests me are going to be the players. since seattle isnt a huge tourist destination and i doubt people fly to seattle to play poker. so all the players there will be regulars or residents i should say. it will be interesting though since all they spread is 2/5. any fish playing are forced to play that limit which is beneficial to me. at the same time i dont know how the action is there. i doubt that its anything mind blowing i mean i was living and playing 2/5 in the poker capital and did decent so i should be able to make a profit. the only thing that im kinda hesitant about is that ive been out of the action for 6 months. although i havnt been studying while i havnt been playing. i have been thinking about it a bit and certain scenarios and plays will come into my head so i think ill be ok. also when i start playing again it will be almost kinda like a job this time and im going to treat it really seriously. so im going to devote a bit of time to studying as well. i really learned a lot last winter from the training video sites. the only thing is that it was online play but i was still able to incorporate it into live play as well just with a few adjusments.... casions havnt been able to come up with an effctive HUD program so some things wont contribute from the videos haha. but yeah im interested in seeing how much i will average when i start playing full time so im excited for that. so yeah thats the legit of everything so far. once the job is over november should go by pretty fast and ill be in washington before i know it. im so ready to get out of alaska. anyways thats all for now cosmonauts. stay tuned

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