Friday, August 12, 2011

progress report

so where do i begin, theres not much of a change in my daily routine work is going fine but i have found myself missing poker a lot especially online poker. it will be nice when i move to washington and will be able to play again i really do love it as well as the money (guess that proves im greedy). so yeah nothing to amazing in my day to day life hence the reason for a long period between my last post. when i left off last i said i was going to concentrate on two things outside of work 1. trying to catch fish while the season is going and 2.working on picking up girls particularly in the day time. and heres my progress on both HORRIBLE! no jk. actually fishing is going pretty bad i think ive gone 3 times maybe 4 and the whole time i was there it had really slow action and bairly anyone was hooking any fish. i hooked up twice but the fish were the ones i wasnt looking to catch so i threw them back theres probablly only 3 weeks left in the fish season and with the run looking mediocre at best i dont think i will be landing a whole lot of fish. now on to the juicy details of life. so since i havnt been able to play poker ive had to pre occupy myself in other ways (i leave the lotion at home) ive always wanted to be that smooth talker when it comes to girls and having a break from poker is allowing me to work on it. ive come to realize how picking up girls is really related to poker. on the surface you wouldnt say they are but in both cases you come into situations where you have to play the people and read the "situations" so that you will come out with a successfull ending. also picking up girls and poker have a lot to do with phsycology and mental game which ive really noticed how into physcology i am and it made me think that it was only a matter of time that i would be a poker player and a pua (pick up artist) just due to the simple fact of playing with the physcology that goes along with the two. i give myself too much credit though and i am nowhere near becoming a pick up artist yet. i dont remember the last time i posted but i think it was about a little over a week and within that time ive done about 5 day approaches and 3 night approaches. any guy reading this can easily tell you how intimidating trying to approach a girl during the day may be. if you dont think so the next time you go out and see a "7" or above go up to her and start a conversation. i garuntee you that you will start to make excuses in your head as to why you shouldnt, and thats the first part of the journey to becoming a pick up artist. getting over the approach anxiety. i do enjoy day game more than night game. the reasons being is that you can have a genuin conversationg during the day and the girl will be more receptive to the things you say. during night game the girls expect to be hit on so there defense is up. so you have to play a more complex game to be able to pull her, add in the loud music and all the other guys your competing with and it can be a problem, but approaching girls in the clubs are a lot easier than during the day. when you get really into it trying to pick up girls really does have an "art" to it and it does take practice. today i told myself after work that i wanted to go out and approach girls, it was sunny and warm so i wanted to be outside. i went to our town square and hung out for a little bit and then saw a girl id say she was a 7 and waited a little bit to see if she was going to leave then i attacked the gazzel with my claws drawn. well not that dramatic but i started a convo with her none the less it went good lasted about 10 minutes and then i asked her to join me somtime for food and she said she had a fiance' which she did have a ring on her finger.. a cheap one as a matter of fact. but yeah so that was my most recent approach i plan on going out tomorow night and doing some night game to work on that a little more i also might go out before that to do a couple day approaches. if somthing interesting pops up ill have to blog about it. so untill next time cosmonauts stay tuned for more epicness

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