Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 scoop

since my last post not much has happend i didnt play on the first and these past 2 days have been break even days and thats about it for poker, but more importantly they put the scoop events (spring chanpionship of online poker) up like a week or so ago and since i have two 11$ and one 33$ tickets that i won from the wbcoop i decided to figure out which events i was going to play in.
they have about 8 events with a 11$ buyin a few are pl omaha a couple draw games and then a few nl holdem games theres only 2 that offer a single buyin without rebuys and i prefer tourneys without rebuys so the 11$ events ill be playing in are event #8 on may 10th and event #26 on may 17th the 33$ event is a little interesting because they only have 3 events for it a stud event, nl holdem 4max and an 8 game tourney. i feel like my short game is decent but i dont think its near what it should be to try and play a tourney 4 handed so i decided not on that one i was pushing towards the stud event which i would rather play holdem but stud isnt so bad i suppose just boring, but then i looked over the 8 game format for some reason i thaught it had badugi in it which i dont really know how to play and dont really care to learn it but i noticed it didnt and all the games in the tourney i feel comftorable so i decided ill play 8 game for my 33$ entry which is event #29 on may 19th, that tourney is a 50k garuntee so itll probablly get about 3000 entrants the two 11$ tourneys are 100k garuntees and will probablly get around 20,000 players in those events ill just be looking to cash but ill still be playing for the win. in the 8 game tourney i feel like i have a better chance at going deep even though nlh is my specialty i jsut feel like ill have more of a chance of getting somwhere and the payouts will be bigger starting stacks for the holdem events are 10,000 which will be cool i havnt played a 10k starting stack tourney since the sunday million i played like 6 months ago (just bairly cashing) but the 8 game is a 5000 starting stack tourney wich is fine all the tourneys have really good blind structures and i should be able to make a million.... oh sorry had a dream there for a second. hopefully ill be able to cash in one maybe make a decent score of a couple hundred dollars or somthing but im hoping for the best either way. also i should be in alaska by that time and ill have my laptop so depending where i can find wirless internet ill probablly be playing in like a starbucks or some random place i can get wifi. ive never played any scoop events before and probablly wouldnt have played this year if i didnt win those tickets but from what i hear its pretty much the best series of online tournaments for all buyins which is cool for people who dont wanna spend money on big buyin events but still want to play a "series" or somthing like that. maybe next year ill play bigger events once i build my roll up but for now ill just play the ones im free rolled for ;) anyway thats about all for now guess ill post again next sunday unless i get some craaaaazyyyy news. later


  1. go hard mate im sure u will clip a deep run im playing all the low events except two of them and im playing 6 medium events good luck to us all weeeeeeeeee

  2. thanks, sounds like youll have better chance than i will haha but things should be interesting