Monday, March 14, 2011

mid month review

its like a day early for the mid month review but sincew i usually post on sunday i decided its close enough. so far things have been going pretty decent. ill start with poker i suppose. online im up almost 10 buyins which is decent nothing super crazy but i like where its heading (up). live is going good as well except for this last week. the first week i won 1000$ or somwhere in that neighborhood. then this last week kinda sucked i wasnt really going anywhere and losing like 50 here 60 there 100 over there and a little under there. i took yesterday off for a couple reasons but one had to do with me bluffing 300$ off to a guy who called with a pair of 7s so i got soul crushed there. but today went very well and won 650$ and was able to get all my losses back from the past week so its going good.

outside of poker has been good too my mom and her hubby came the first weeknd of the month so i didnt put to much poker time in those days but i had fun and enjoyed thier company. also i met a kid at the poker tables a few weeks ago and weve talked a little and played a bit but we played again friday night and i guess a bunch of his friends were in town from cali so he was leaving at 10 and wanted to know if i wanted to go out drinking with them on the strip i told him i kinda just felt like playing a bit more and then 3 hands later i bluff off 300$ call him up and sayed yeah im coming out with you... it was pretty fun though his friends were in a group of like 10 and one of the guys had his sister and her friends in the next room that we chilled with for a bit before we hit the strip (all good looking) didnt seem like there were any good prospects with the girl though. but that didnt stop me and my poker buddy from trying to open up the convo. seems like we were the only ones trying to interact with them out of 12 guys haha anywhoozle one girl was way into her phone another was just stuck up 2 of them seemed cool but they ended up spliting once we hit the strip so ehh oh well. but yeah basically drank and walked the strip and watched them play some table games. its kinda funny how much im into poker but will not touch any other casino game, even drunk. guess thats a good thing though. but yeah so the next morning i was hungover SURPRISE!!! so i really didnt feel like doing anything other than being lazy all day and now its today. oh also i got a ticket to see O at the bellagio this thursday so that should be cool. and i got a friend coming in from cali on the 15th he hasnt communicated to much so i dont know how long hes here for and everything like that but we should be able to get into some trouble while hes here. also im kinda thinking this might be the last month of vegas for me i still havnt gotten a full description if my job is starting early or not but even if it sarts at the normal time i will prolly only stay till middle of april but i might be outta here by april first probablly wont find out till the last week of march haha, but when i do go back up to ak it might be a little bit before im able to get the interwebs goin for poker so i might be out of the action for the month but when i do get going ill be at the 25nl tables so im looking forward to taht:) i guess thats it so far this month just hanging in for the ride so keep up slow pokes

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