Sunday, February 13, 2011

mid moth review

alright this week has been pretty crazy and so far the month has been decent i suppose. ill recap on my life events and then get into poker. sothe beggining of the month nothing really special happend just pretty much did my daily routine and just grinded away this week was a little more intertaining but nothing super special so i started to introduce a run into my workout program. the last time i ran for any decnt length was about a year ago. to put it short i almost died. my legs still hurt and i ran like 3 days ago also i think my lungs decided to kill them selves halfway through the run so that was fun too. also i baught a ticket to see frank calliendo this friday ive been putting it in the back of my head so if i baught the ticket then i would have to remember to go see it. next i want to see "O" at the bellagio ill probablly see that in 2 or 3 weeks. i went out last night to the nightclub inside the aria casino called haze. it was ok kinda small and pretty loud it was pretty fun and i had fun dancing and stuff but i deffinitley was slacking in the female department. i let myself down again damnit... anyway cee lo green was guest staring there and they also had a go go dancer or whatever their called doing some pretty crazy tricks on the stripper pole it was a fun club but ive had a better time in other places.

as for poker goes ive had mixed results. live poker has been going very slow so far this month ive had a few spots where i have big hands and run into the nuts basically. also first time i got KK vs. AA playing live but wasnt able to sukout. so yeah its like i win a few buyins then lose a couple and back and forth right now im up 250$ for the month yayyyy!! well i guess part of my lack of funds is that ive only been playing 4-6 hours a day live. whenever im having a super slow week or somthing i get uninterested and would almost rather 24 table 10nl all day even though i win less. oh also i want to do a live vs. online comparison post but ill do that somtime later. as for online poker im on a heater no doubt about it. heres the graph

so yeah im up 23.5 buyins for the month which is friggen sweet i was up to 27.5 but had a couple beats there at the end i do admit im on a heater cause a winning players graph usually gradually goes up and usually doesnt just shoot up like a rocket but that being sayed i do feel like i played good it just felt like i had a lot of top hands and got payed off a lot. also ive been studying a lot and i came across a reall good thread on 2+2 that ive been reading a lot not to say the success is from me studying but im doing my part it feels like. its deffinitley making up for last month and hopefully it continues. i have 120k hands in at 10nl and it feels like its not really that much. i mean its 3 months of play and it feels like i dont really have that much information to base any statistics off of. i mean 120k hands is a lot but i mean i really think im a winning player at 10nl and last month i had like a 60k hand break even stretch which just shows that 120k hands really isnt that much. oh yeah i cleared a couple 10$ bonuses as well, and i played a 18 man sng and won that for 7$ too so things were pretty hot this last week. im really looking forward to the summer though when ill start playing 25nl and maybe ill be able to start making some money at this poker thing who knows. right now my online roll sits at 2085$. i think i made more money this week online than i did playing live lol. but yeah thats how the month is going so far. i think i will do an online vs live post halfway through this next week so stay tuned for that grass hoppers

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