Friday, February 21, 2014


Alright guys after a bit of a while away from blogger I have finally been able to accomplish my website.

The website is primarily an information based website for men. I will be dealing with a lot of aspects of lifestyle development. Things such as dating, motivation, inspiration, success, insights, stories, adventures, personal knowledge and so much more. I made the website to help guys expand their knowledge to excell in life.

It is just in it's baby steps of it's life but I have big plans for it and there will be plenty of content being produced. On a side note that I'm only mentioning here is that I will be quitting my job after this coming up summer and moving to Europe to travel and chase my own success and the website will be capturing all of that journey so it should be packed with a lot of unique experiences that I share ( as well as girls...)

You can actually add my website to your blogroll if you are on blogger (blogspot) just by adding this url to your blogroll reading list: I plan on staying on blogspot mainly to read everyones blogs that I am already subscribed to but I don't think I will be posting anything really on here. If I do it would be content from my website but that isn't a guarantee so I would just add my websites url.

The content on the website is a mix between blog posts, video posts, and podcasts. As of right now there is only a little bit of content but as I stated I just started it and it is in the first stage of it's life so believe me there is plenty of good content coming its way.

I would love it if anyone who follows this blog or who comes across this post will subscribe or follow my new website. Any kind of comments or critiquing is welcomed as I am really trying to make this a successful and positive website for the guys who come across it.

subscribe to the new site and until next time cosmonauts, stay tuned :)

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