Sunday, July 21, 2013

getting the ball back rolling

Alright so this week has went by pretty fast but nothing really exciting to report other than some future plans going on and my intentions for the next little while.

So work is the same, not a whole lot going on there same routine working 12 hours a day. at the moment we are working 7 days a week with every 3rd sunday off and it could very well stay that way until the end of the season. next sunday will be the next day off so i'm looking forward to that.

One thing I have been doing at work which I shouldn't be doing is practicing my trading on my phone. I found an app that is the same software I trade with on my computer but just for the phone. I'm still just demo trading but since i'm working 12 hours a day the time I have off after work is pretty limited and I would only have a small amount of time to practice each week.

Sneakily demo trading at work is giving me a lot of practice and so far it is going productively. basically over the last month I've found out how I want to trade and every thing that involves that. I've also figured out the bankroll requirements I would need to be able to make the kind of money that I want to make, which isn't much. if I can net 150$-200$ average a day I would be more than happy or even just netting 45-50k a year would be enough to make me happy.

All that seems that is left to do is practice practice practice. which I will be work lol. I plan to keep practicing demo trading for the rest of the season and if I feel confident and profitable than I will deposit and start trading for real. If not than I will keep practicing until I do prove that I am profitable.

A couple concepts that I really like about trading so far is that you can demo trade (practice) with the real software, real indicators, real information and news releases. on real time charts. Basically you're practicing trading in the real time market just with fake money so when the time comes to switch over it isn't something you're going to be surprised about.

Another thing that really draws me to trading is how much money you can trade. not necessarily the amount of money you can trade but  the fact that your returns or how much you make depends on how much you risk. the market will always be the market it just depends on how much you risk. That is one thing about poker that I didn't like. if your bankroll increased and it was time to move up in stakes to start making more money that ment facing harder and harder compitetion the more you move up. which has a lot of complications in its self.  with forex if you are a proven profitable trader all that matters is how much you are putting down to determine how much you get back you dont have to worry about the market getting "harder" while you move up in stakes..

daygame has been pretty slow but pretty much expected it from alaska. I went out this weeknd trying to get things moving along after having the girl from LA come see me. It was a little difficult finding approachable girls but I found a few although I did have to push myself to approach but it was good for me. The weather is nice right now and should be for the next week so I'm actually planning on doing daygame through out the whole week which I havn't done up here. it will be slow and grueling and I don't expect much but I'm mainly doing it just to get the momentum going.

besides that I figured out the main places in europe I plan on going to this winter. which I'm really excited for. 11 cities in 11 different countries so far. If i get recommendations from people to check out other places then I will but for now I have my list. I also just got done with a skype date with the LA girl and she was talking about meeting up and going to south america for a little bit before I head over to europe so we'll see if that comes about. other than that. things are going smooth. just a little over 3 more months and the big adventure starts. so until next time cosmonauts, stay tuned :)


  1. Hey im just wondering what is this app you are using called? I am also interested in getting started with forex myself

  2. Hey. the app is called meta trader 4. If it doesnt come up you can search oanda. they are the trading broker I go through that uses the meta trader 4 app (mt4)

  3. Hey Robusto,

    Just found your blog (from Krauser's). You've piqued my interest in forex, what sort of materials/resources do you study that you mention in all your posts?

  4. Yeah krausers blog is pretty awesome.

    the main website that I began at and was suggested is called

    they actually have a "school" (which is free) that has a lot of lessons and gives you a really good first step into the world of forex.

    I was also actually going to make my next post about people who might be interested in getting into forex.

  5. Thanks dude. Keep up the good work. This blog has my three favorite things... daygame, poker, and making money :)