Sunday, December 30, 2012

final week

the final scores are in for the year but this post will just be about this last week and month.

poker has gone very slowly mostly because of me. i ended up losing a little bit the last couple sessions i played and i also had 2 dates this past week so i didnt play on those days and since it was the end of the month and year i just wanted to finish ahead and since things were already a little rocky i didn't put much volume in.

for the month i am sitting up 1043$ its pretty measly in terms of what i could have achieved but based on how everything turned out, the volume and hours i put in at the tables and the other factors i guess im just happy im in the black for the month but im not really pleased. i know i really have to put more volume in if i want specific results but for the next couple of months im not sure i will be able to but im still going to shoot for at least 120hrs a month.

although poker was kind of a fail for the month. the life and daygame aspects were pretty decent. the activities for the month included going to knotts berry farm, going to six flags, playing laser tag untill exhaustion, going on 3 different dates with girls and probably more that i cant remember. so there has been plenty of fun. which in the last couple years it was kind of the other way around where it was 80% poker and 20% fun so thats another explanation on the poker results.

daygame is probably the more interesting story of this month. i did quite a bit of approaching this month and i think i got probably 8-10 numbers. a few flaked, i lost interest in a couple and the rest i have either took on a date or am still talking to.

 like i said i went on 3 dates this month 1 was with a mature female that we went and played mini golf. the date was fun and at the end of the date i ended up kissing up and down her neck but afterwards i wasnt really feeling the vibe so i told her i just wanted to be friends and weve stayed in contact since.

the next date was with an attractive blonde girl with blue eyes. i took her to an art museum which to me was pretty interesting but im not too sure she was feeling it so much. she had a pretty mellow personality and didnt really seem too outgoing so to speak, i finished that date with a simple kiss. im still a little undecided with her at the moment and im thinking about taking her out again in about a week.

the next girl was a girl that i met when i first got here. shes a low budget film actress and shes hungarian and has an accent. shes the one i like the most so far. we had plans on going to play laser tag but our schedules were contradicting each others so we arranged to get smoothies for a quick chat. we had a pretty good connection and im pretty sure she felt the same way i ended that date with a simple kiss as well. again im going to try and set up another date with her probably next week.

i have a couple other girls im talking too including a girl whos number i just got today who really seems into me so next week i might have a lot of date scheduling to do.

next month the wsopc and lapc start up at the bicycle casino and the commerce casino. i plan on playing a couple events at the wsopc and a few events at the lapc and i have big expectations for those events so i plan on playing really well in them. i plan on doing a yearly recap probably in the next couple of days so that one should be pretty long

tomorrow me and my friend are going to the electronic dance concert called white wonderland for new years eve so that is going to be really fun but ill post pics and stories about it on next sundays post maybe ill get lucky and pull a girl...fingers crossed. anyways untill next time cosmonauts, stay tuned :)

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